Extraterrestrials: Tar Sands destroy possible cancer cures


Today, I was watching a commercial sponsored by the oil industry about the alleged wonderful economic “benefits” that the Tar Sands provides us [video clip above]. However, what economic value or price would you put on access to clean air? What price would you put on your access to clean water that sustains life?

If you consider the Tar Sands to be a benefit, does that mean that you would not mind if your backyard backed onto to the Tar Sands? If you would not want to live beside the Tar Sands, then why should the people of our First Nations?

What kind of world do you think we would be living in if we, as humans, instead, sought to collectively oppose the infringements of the rights of people in “distant communities” like the Tar Sands, as if the infringements of those rights we against ourselves?

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, refers to an apparent existentially disconnecting capitalist consciousness under the auspices of Archons who inspire our human ignoring of such questions. Ms Eisenhower appears to associate this existentially disconnected consciousness, as having been inspired by a regressive alien “false reality matrix”. Ms Eisenhower is former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s great granddaughter.

Largely, U.S./transnational oil companies with the backing and indifference of our government are destroying our nation’s and planet’s vital biodiversity.

In the biodiversity of Canada‘s boreal forest, might very well be cures for cancers and many other diseases and ailments. This is a biodiversity that has taken thousands, and millions of years to develop. Indeed, what price would YOU put on the cure for cancer and other diseases, and on human health in general, that the present mining of the Tar Sands threatens?

Commonground.ca, elaborates on a context to appreciating Tar Sands destruction which has been marginalized in the shortsighted perspective of the Archon-influenced thinking that is destroying our boreal forest.

“Forests provide food, clean drinking water and life-saving medicines like the rainforest-sourced cancer drug vincristine.”

The Tar Sands may not be the “economic plus” that the oil industry sponsored commercials would like to proselytize in a cost-benefit analysis on the destruction of irreplaceable biodiversity.

How do we, as humans, apparently turn off our minds, as the cost of this destruction mounts in Alberta, across Canada, and into other parts of the world?

Climate-connections.org’s website elaborates on the destruction that is occurring.

“[The Tar Sands] pollutes exorbitant volumes of fresh water and deposits heavy metals, carcinogens, and oil across vast swaths of Canadian boreal forests and wetlands.”

The Tar Sands destruction under the auspices of Archons [discussed by Dr. John Lash in the YouTube recording below] goes far beyond Greenhouse gas emissions. Through the Tar Sands “mega-project“, it is apparent that we, as humans, have apparently given government and Oil industry financiers a “blank cheque” to destroy our human quality-of-living under the auspices of an alleged alien inspired virtual reality world of “money” and ensuing “commercial profits”. Such thinking has been described by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower as a “false reality complex” which represses as well as mis-directs our spiritual-biological human consciousness.

Dr. John Lash, based upon ancient Pagan Gnostic representation, documented on metahistory.org implores us, as humans, to become aware of this destructive and non-caring alien consciousness which “tags” onto our human spiritual biological consciousness. According to Dr. John Lash, correcting the destructive course of humanity requires us, as humans, to recognize and correct our Archon mis-direction into a false reality matrix regarding what best constitutes our “economic priorities” as Canadians, and as humans.

Our rational economic development relies on vitally protecting the environment, and on immediately stopping the Tar Sands “mega-project“. There is no substantive “argument” between ‘economic development’ and ‘environmental protection’. However, the false reality matrix that latches onto our human thinking conditions us to accept a path of destruction.

The Archons seek to mis-direct us, as humans, to believe that we must choose between “economic prosperity” and environmental protection, based upon Dr. John Lash’s Pagan Gnostic research on the Archons.

Stop the Tar Sands, and economic prosperity will be destroyed and you will loose your jobs” says the Archons. However, in fact the prosperity that the Tar Sands, creates is a false reality matrix of insanity.

The UN General Assembly had met in New York to declare 2011 the International Year of Forests. Supporters of this declaration had sought to raise awareness of the priceless role that forests play in keeping our planet healthy, and to the quality of human survival. Isn’t it about time that we pay attention to this context?  Does the thinking behind the Tar Sands as an "economic benefit" arise from a regressive alien instrusion against human sovereignty in relation to the 'Archons'?

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