Justin Trudeau: Where is his vision?

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau is set to enter the race for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. His team has announced a rally scheduled for his riding in Montreal today.

Radio-Canada last week broke the news of Trudeau's impending leadership bid, but Trudeau wouldn't confirm the story for reporters as he walked into the Liberal Party's weekly caucus meeting.

The rally is set for a community centre and is for Liberal supporters, according to a news release issued by a spokeswoman for Trudeau, based upon a report from CBC.ca.

I congratulate Mr. Trudeau having become a charismatic MP. But, when his father decided to enter the Liberal leadership race, he did so based upon a very well thought out and pre-documented vision of Canada which he sought to present to Canadians.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a great liberal political thinker, who had championed our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I would like to know, what Justin Trudeau proposes to offer Canadians aside from his charm and "good looks".

Are we, as Canadians, becoming so apparently Americanized that charm and good looks are enough to win us over? What about our values of human rights, social responsibility, national sovereignty, and global peace?

Is Justin Trudeau going to re-inspire a national vision lacking in the federal party, or does Justin Trudeau symbolize a party presided by arguably vapid political mercenaries and self-serving egos who seek power for rich political campaign contributors.

The Liberal Party has turned a blind eye to the championing of Canadian sovereignty and other socially progressive values which propelled Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the Liberal Party into successive victories. In the last election under Michael Ignatieff, it was apparent that the Liberal Party had sold itself out so much, it had apparently little to offer Canadians other than a contrived, vacuous, and insincere so-called “family-friendly” platform.

Since Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his immediate successor John Turner retired from the leadership of the Party, the Liberals have sold themselves out to American transnational interests that operate through elites in Canada who support NAFTA. That is why Justin Trudeau now seems to be such an ardent supporter of the environmental destructiveness of the Tar Sands.

The Liberal Party has been taken over by the same interests that control the Conservative Party. What has Justin Trudeau has said to suggest that he too is not a silent partner of the U.S. continentalist corporate assimilation of Canada under the NAFTA-inspired "North American Union" agenda?

Arguably, the Liberal Party of Canada that I used to support since Pierre Elliot Trudeau was Prime Minister, has become so apparently vapid and disingenuous, that they should consider simply making their party slogan: "Vote for me, just because I am Liberal," or vote for me, because of my good looks and money, as in the case of many Liberal MPs.

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