Anti-Aging: Bioflavonoid fights cancer and obesity


Bioflavonoid or vitamin P is among the most recent medical revelations. It has the role of protecting the plants, but also the human body. We can find it in the orange peel, for example and it fights bacteria, fungus and parasites. 

According to Female First, the orange peel is extremely rich in potassium and folic acid, which regulates the blood pressure. Eating orange peel also diminishes the risk of certain types of cancer, like: stomach, esophagus and larynx considerably in accordance with a study of the World Health Organization. The same study shows that orange peel protects us from dementia, especially Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.  

Do you like oranges? Then, you should find out why it was such a waste to throw away the peel. Orange peels are an entire pharmacy! They increase your immune system and have an anti-inflammatory action. You can eat them as they are, after being washed carefully, or grate them and put them in your milk or lemonade for breakfast. 

Among the flavonoids, orange peel has a substance called hesperidin, which diminishes both blood pressure and cholesterol, helping you lose weight, fight obesity and prevent a heart-attack. If you will include orange peel in your diet, you will also have a healthier skin. For women, it is important to know that orange peel can prevent and even cure breast cancer, due to this substance called hesperidin. Orange peel contains d-limonina, which serves as a shield against ultraviolet rays, preventing skin cancer. In order to help you in this matter, you can rub the peel on your skin.  

The juice made from orange peels stimulates the bowels, preventing the accumulation of the residues in the colon, the major cause of constipation and obesity. This is why you should eat one or two oranges before going to sleep and also in the morning. If you want to fight obesity or just to lose weight, specialists recommend the following treatment: boil an orange peel for 30 minutes in 500 ml of water. Throw the water, boil the peel again for 20 minutes and then leave it to dry on a plate. The next morning, you must eat the orange peel, on empty stomach. 

If you eat an orange each day, you will feel stronger, healthier and revitalized. One fruit will offer you 93% of your daily Vitamin C and, as studies indicate, it will diminish the risk of having a stroke by 20%. As for the orange peel, well, you have just found out why it is so important not to throw it away. Instead eat it or rub it on your skin! 

Orange peel is not only used to prevent or cure conditions, but also utilized for our daily care. So ladies, if you need a tip about how to have a perfect skin, orange peel is the simple answer. Squeeze an orange peel and leave the juice on your face for 15-20 minutes and it will not only relax and tone your skin, but also will prevent the appearance of wrinkles.  

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