Hurricane Sandy: Doomsday is not the Joke it used to be


Doomsday means the end of the world or God's final judgement of mankind. Just to predict it brings on the image of that of a wacko but one thing for sure the idea of Doomsday is not the joke it used to be. Just ask Sandy, the ferocious hurricane that struck northeastern North America. But instead of Doomsday or anything like that the situation was described as being 'the new reality.'

So, what is the new reality? Well, everything occurring to the planet,weatherwise,is witnessed in terms of being gigantic or huge. The world has experienced the huge sea wave,huge wind, huge wildfire, huge drought, huge Arctic ice melting, huge snowfalls and so on. And as these even increase in magnitude it begs the question what's next?

Or, even moreso , the question is: What's politiicians doing abiut it. For they can't even agree on what the new reality is all about. Yet, we and as all part of the human race are starved for answers. To state it more starkly.....with the Sandy wallop it was so much of how Rome burned while its political leader played music.

What's bothersome about it all is how the new reality can conger up so many scenarios, making the situation even more scary.F or example, when Sandy struck there was about the same time a 7.7 earth quake off British Columbia and as it affected both parts of Canada and the U.S.. As it turned out it measured high on the ttreacherous scale but thank God it failed to deliver as it could. Or just turn that around , then link the whole thing with Sandy and imagine Canada and the U.S. getting a huge hurrican and a huge earth quake at the tone time. That alone would make Americans and Canadians alike wonder out loud as to what is going on with weather patterns. What's next, in other words? If not Doomsday, in religious belief , what about its equivalent. somewhat?

Here's another scenario ...when thinking in relation to the 'new reality'. Instead of New York City and New Jersey Sandy would have takened it out on a small island Canadian province like Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland and Labrador-there would be nothing left, hardly and simply because these areas would fall way short of standing up to her.

What Amerians especially should find very, very upsetting about all this is the fact that Sandy arrived on the scene at the end of election year .And what was that all about? Just to turn on TV  would show what the election was up to and as it bombarded Americans with character assasination advertising. Not only that but it seemed to be aided and abetted by no less an institution than he American Supreme Court. As feared it opened flood gates alright.

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