Green Party: U.S. Businessman Geo-Engineerings Canada's Coast


Canada’s Green Party  is condemning the illegal Geo engineering experiment in British Columbia’s coast conducted by an American businessman. This experiment can cause  massive environmental destruction, ranging from oceanic ecosystem destruction, creating toxic tides, to aggravating ocean acidification and global warming. The Green Party urges the Canadian Government to stop this illegal activity.

The Geo engineering experiment was funded and conducted by Russ George, a businessman from California, USA, in order to gain benefit from 10,000 square kilometers of artificial plankton bloom spawned by iron.In his defense, George said that this experiment is not for gaining profit for his company, but for the good benefit of science and humankind.

The experiment included a huge ocean fertilization test and the dumping of around 100 tonnes of iron sulfate near the coast. This ocean fertilization Geo engineering technique attempted to create an artificial plankton bloom in the ocean.  It is claimed to be effective in absorbing carbon dioxide before sinking to the ocean floor.

“This is a very risky and dangerous activity. It can cause massive environmental destruction while the success possibility is very low. We are urging the Canadian government to investigate it and take  immediate action to stop such risky business,” said Elizabeth May, Leader  of Canada Green Party.

“The federal officials may have known about this illegal activity, and the fact that they are doing nothing to prevent this is totally unacceptable. Does this mean the Canadian Government is allowing this to happen? A senseless Californian investor performing a very risky act that can cost Canada’s environment future is a disturbing fact. All my life, I never thought I would witness something like this is happening in my own country,” added May, who is also MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

This experiment has been international news as the meeting of the conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity is held in India. In this event, many scientists from around the world have condemned the unsanctioned experiment. The Canadian government responded that they are investigating this matter.

"The government takes this matter very seriously. We commit to protect the environment and anyone who violates environmental laws will be punished to the full extent of the law,” Canadian environment minister, Peter Kent, said in Parliament.

In a binding decision due to be agreed, representatives of192 countries underlined the existing international moratoria on Geo engineering and ocean fertilization. The decision also requires that countries should be reporting on how they are implementing the moratoria, a first step towards global monitoring and enforcing against geo engineering.

 “The blind eye behaviour to this unprecedented blunder raises a concern that Canada is blocking the decision of this meeting,” May concluded.

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