Vitamin D prevents breast cancer


Beat the risk of cancer by spending enough time in the sun or selecting the safe tanning bed; if these are some of the things you prefer not to do then supplement your body with adequate amounts of vitamin D3. Fueling your body with the required amount of vitamin D can prevent you from the risks of cancer. It’s simple, it’s cheap. Studies have shown that exposing your body with higher solar UVB can help you with higher yet natural amount of vitamin D. Evidences show that this helps in lowering the risk of 15 different types of cancer also, it additionally helps you to prevent yourself from nine types of cancer. Breast cancer is among those 15 cancers. Researchers have found vitamin D as a defensive agent against estrogen receptor positive (ER+) which are commonly known as breast cancer cells.

Studies have revealed that the cells of breast cancer are fueled by estrogens; a kind of hormone typically produced in fat tissues. Breast cancer is said to have been estrogen receptor positive (ER+) that are proteins linked with that specific kind of estrogen. Such ER+ cells of breast cancer are dependent on those estrogens for their growth and development. Latest studies have further explored that calcitriol (the hormonally active form of vitamin D) lowers and protects the risk of breast cancer along with other 15 different types of cancerous cells. According to researchers, “Cell culture and in vivo data in mice strongly suggest that calcitriol and dietary vitamin D would play a beneficial role in the prevention and/or treatment of ER+BCa [estrogen receptor positive breast cancer] in women.”

GrassrootsHealth has taken keen steps to create awareness among women regarding how they can benefit themselves from the goodness of vitamin D in preventing the risk of breast cancer. Carole Baggerly the director and the founder of the organization who is a breast cancer survivor was diagnosed with the breast cancer in 2005 due to insufficient intake of vitamin D. With her diagnosis, she created this organization which is aimed towards creating awareness among women who are at the risk of breast cancer and how they can use vitamin D for optimal health. Carole found that regular intake of vitamin D can reduce the risk factor up to 77 percent. She states, "[A] randomized trial… published in 2007 by Joan Lappe out of Creighton University… had a group of about 1,100 post-menopausal women who started out with no cancer (plus control group)… One group got [oral] vitamin D [and calcium] and the other got a placebo. At the end of four years, there was a 77 percent difference in cancer incidence between those that had the vitamin D and calcium versus the placebo. So something is working,"

So start taking vitamin D as an integral part of your diet and prevent yourself from the threats of breast cancer. Remember, it’s not just an ordinary vitamin; it’s up to you how you benefit yourself from the goodness of vitamin D. 

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