Canadian-China Foreign Investment Agreement enables Archons

The Canadian government has been under fire lately for wanting to approve the Canadian-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA). Canadian people from all lifestyles have been outraged and oppose the Agreement that is not only heavily in favour of Chinese corporations, but also legally binding for the next three decades.

Many observers who include Dr. Michael Salla and David Icke now believe that diverse governments are merely being used as a tool of the Archons, who arose from lower dimensional places to apparently inhabit the minds of human beings. The Archons through self-serving and ego-driven human hosts apparently seek to consolidate a fascist global system of authoritarian political, economic and social control. Because of this ill thought out treaty, the Harper government could be viewed as an operative of such an agenda. 

While sceptics will argue otherwise, it is important to note the anomalies that accompany this Agreement.

One of the most worrying issues is the secrecy and lack of scrutiny that has been associated with this deal. Could this be the Archon race’s way of trying to blind the human race to their agenda? Another issue that is causing anxiety is the manner in which the Chinese managed to obtain such strong powers to enable their corporations to sue the Canadian governments for ‘unlimited damages’ in secret tribunals. Were the Canadian government negotiators sleeping on the job when that clause was being written as part of the FIPA Agreement?

Corporate watchdogs as well as civic groups have joined hands with the common person and political opposition leaders to put pressure on the Harper government. This partnership aims to encourage debate on the matter and prevent Canada from getting the short end of the stick. At least 60,000 Canadians have signed the petition to support that campaign. As one campaigner, Emma Pullman, put it, ‘Canadians don’t want to give foreign corporations sweeping powers to sue Canadian governments’.

According to expert UFOlogists from MUFON, the race of aliens known as Archons seeks to take over the world to advance their own agendas. These members of the alien race take over the bodies of human hosts in order to avoid detection and manipulate whole governments into doing what they want.

Within exopolitics circles, some observers of Alien and UFO activities believe that the takeover orchestrated by the Chinese government is one of them. For them this is evidence of ulterior motives that the Archons have with regard to world domination. Some exopolitcs observers like David Icke appear to believe that Chinese takeovers are the alien race’s way of consolidating a fascist global system that will have control on political, social, and economic levels.

It seems that while Canada refuses to become wise to the Archon’s New World Agenda, other countries are stepping up their efforts to do so. Australia is one of these countries that have chosen to protect its own interests against this fascist agenda. Emma Pullman puts it best when she states, ‘Countries like Australia are moving away from processes that allow corporations to sue governments outside of traditional legal channels’. For now though, it remains to be seen if the Harper government will heed its citizens’ call to avoid the Archon’s trap.

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