UFO: Star-like entity materializes over British Columbia


What did an witness report to the Mutual UFO Network database of having seen on 16 January 2013.

I live
in the top floor of a 3-story apartment, with a mountain view to the
north. My couch faces the glass door/big windows so my husband and I
often sit and admire the view.

Tonight (around 8:30) I was sitting on
my couch while on the phone with my mother, my husband was in the other
room when suddenly what looked like a star appeared in the sky just
above the treeline (the sky was completely overcast so I knew it wasn't
actually a star). I said aloud to my mother, "What is that?!" and as I
was frantically calling my husband to come look this thing had
brightened (to about the size/brightness of the street light 2 blocks
away), dimmed back into a "star", brightened again, dimmed and then
vanished (though never actually moved, it was completely stationary...
looked as though the light had just been turned off). My husband had
JUST missed it!

I was trying to describe the object to my husband and
mother, my husband looking towards the area that I had seen it and then
suddenly, in the same spot as before, the object flashed really bright
for a second and disappeared for the final time... almost as if it were
meant for my husband to see it.

This is our second UFO sighting
together in Powell River in the last 3 years.

I feel very blessed to
have seen them and wish everyone could experience it at least once in
their lifetime, it's such an incredible thing to witness.

Mind you, my
husband and I watch the sky more often than the average person. We love
our universe!

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