Fukushima: Ethical Extraterrestrial contactee predicted disaster


Alex Collier, a self-proclaimed Ethical Extraterrestrial contactee, had predicted the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, in an interview given in 1995. In this interview, a video of which has been posted on YouTube, Alex said presented the information that he received from an Ethical Extraterrestrial source.

“There is a possibility that a part of Japan will sink. It will not be an accident. It will be created by the World Government."

An article posted in Humans Are Free, talks about the ethical extraterrestrials who contacted Alex Collier.

“He was in constant contact with a species known as the Andromedans. The Andromedans are apparently similar in aspect with the ET characters from the movie Avatar.”

Alex was able to learn about future events from these Ethical Human Extraterrestrals about the regressive aliens that Dr. Michal Salla describe as forging a "political-mlitary-industrial complex" with human elites.

Mr. Collier shared his knowledge with the world so that humans could try to avoid apparently planned "natural disasters", which he could foresee in the future. If humans make an effort, they can change the future and avoid such disasters. 

David Icke has described the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill as having been another orchestration by this political-military-industrial complex under the auspices of the "Archons" that Dr. John Lash describes. 

Archons are interdimensional regressive alien entities and an artificial intelligence that apparently works through human hosts by parasitizing the human mind and collective consciousness.

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