SEO and SEM: Six Stages to Boost Your Website


As we all know that users do not like to click on many pages to find something, instead they tend to remaining on first or sometimes, second and third pages. So, your website needs to be ranked as higher as possible so that they can click on your site’s URL as well. So, let’s now discuss 6 stages of improving your online presence.

Stage one - Analyzing problems

Experts in will first analyze your website’s SEO or SEM problems, create a report with potential issues along with their solutions and then discuss with clients to solve them. After finalizing on the techniques to implement, they will move on to second step.

Stage two - On-site SEO

In the second step, their SEO workers will start with on-site SEO which means that they will analyze the front page of client’s websites, determine how many visitors recently approached them, what is their current position on search engines and many more things.

If your website needs some re-designing work, then they will call their graphic designers to also start working on your site and give it a new, fresh look so that it can cater attention of more visitors.

Stage three - Off-site SEO follows a comprehensive 6 stage SEO plan where third step comprises of Off-site SEO. It means that their experts will evaluate programming, meta title and descriptions on your website and if they find it inappropriate, they will create it and help you to boost the rank of your website. They have sample package of one month so you can stop them from working whenever you want.

Stage four - Maintaining online presence

After working on On-site and Off-site SEO, professionals of will start working on monthly basis and render their services according to the monthly package selected. They also have special link building packages that are capable of providing results in the way desired. All you have to do is to select the most suitable package according to your site. Point to note here is that these packages are available only for clients who want their experts to work on the 5th step.

Stage five - SEM help offers extra help to improve the SEM position of your site. They will increase the results with high quality listed websites that will definitely bring your website to top results on search engines.

Stage six- Corporate branding

They can also help you in corporate branding with a number of high quality techniques. It does not matter what is the nature of your site, they are available for both adult and non-adult websites so you can easily approach them whenever you want.

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