Anthony Bourdain's suiciding Illuminates Contracts With Manipulative Aliens

There have been quite a few "conspiracy" videos online regarding Anthony Bourdain's alleged "suciding".  But the above video might be among the most illuminating.  Specifically the videographer links Anthony Bourdain mysterious "suicide" to his apparent passionate critical awakening to the world around us and his desire to share that awakening with other humans.

The mysterious suicide of Anthony Bourdain can be critically appreciated being linked to his desire to inspire the awakening of our human consciousness and not simply about his desire to "criticize authority" or to "leak information".  Indeed, there are many big stars like Anthony Bourdain who have sought to criticize authority and who ought not to have fears of becoming an apparent target.  Based upon the insights of Dr. Michael Salla and other exopolitics researchers reveal, what got Anthony Bourdain into trouble was that he broke an apparent and implicit contract that manipulative aliens have with the "rich and the powerful" on our planet Earth.

Manipulative aliens don't generally walk around office building and government offices.  So, they use what the ancient Pagan Gnostics refer to as "archons" which they called "the humanized faces of the aliens".  These "archons" can look like people, but they are not humans. Archons described by John Lash in are alien artificial intelligence mind-controlled "people" who are most concentrated in numbers occupying positions of authority.  These archons which carry out the work of demonic interdimensional aliens have been apparently on our planet Earth since the rise of the first Empires in the days of Egypt and have apparently been the instigators of all oppression, wars and systematize chaos on our planet Earth.  David Icke describes how these lower dimensional aliens with their archons operate on our planet Earth.

The Pagan Gnostics referred to archons as "artificial man".

When a human gets his or her "break", they do so with the "blessings" of archons that in turn are controlled by or report to manipulative aliens.  The contract between human and alien is "we, aliens, will help make you rich and famous with a comfortable lifestyle beyond your dreams; as long as you support a broad status quo to toward an artificial intelligence oriented agenda." Central to that Contract is that the human won't begin to use their power to support an awakening of  the human consciousness.  Humans who rise to power though hierarchies of capitalism / the political-military-industrial complex often do so at the expense of "selling their soul" to the archons that put them there with the blessings of manipulative aliens that operate openly as demonic dark entities and other "people" behind the scenes at very elite levels of power.

If Anthony Bourdain "broke the Contract" which enabled him to become rich and famous, he would be subject to "punishment".

Punishment can range from getting booted out of your position of authority to getting blasted by the mass media controlled by archons to "capital punishment".

In America, and many other countries there's capital punishment which can take the form of hanging, lethal injection and the "Electric Chair".  Such systems of capital punishment have apparently been installed under the manipulative alien guidance and these aliens often seem fit to act directly into human affairs.

Whereas "human courts" deal with "lower level humans" regarding crimes and punishment, "the rich and famous" are apparently dealt directly with by "alien Courts".  If the human who is rich and famous decides that they are going to "bite the hand" that feeds them, they will be subjected to "justice" in the view of the aliens and their archons.  The aliens expect that the humans they promote will respect their Contracts on their souls or face "justice" for having breached their contracts.

Alex Collier who is a self described contact of Ethical Extraterrestrials has described such on-going intervention by manipulative aliens through Archons as a breach of human sovereignty.

It is arguably unfortunate that humans through capitalism have consented to an economic system set up by Artificial Intelligence, which so often requires humans to sell their soul to these manipulative aliens in order to become part of the "rich and the powerful".

The artificial intelligence which Alex Jones reveals as wanting to have complete control over humans apparently views famous people who turn against the artificial intelligence agenda as being "ungrateful" traitors that must be "weeded-out" to ensure the Artificial Intelligence succeeds.

It would take no more that one famous human who "awakens" to make the famous humans who continue to sell their souls to corruption look very bad.  The system works when all famous people respect the "Contract" which granted their "famousness". 

Most people regard "laws" to be essentially human.  But it's apparent from the testimony of African elders like Credo Mutwa that laws are not!  Before the manipulative aliens arrived, there were apparently no need for formal laws. Instead of the oppressive laws we have today which complements capitalism, humans who had been apparently telepaths governed themselves by a system of ethics which were based upon love, peace and empathy.

A system of law was apparently first introduced by an alien artificial intelligence to seek to control humans through "archons" which were "disseminated" among organized religious orders and other hierarchical command driven organizations designed to control humans.

Indeed, Dr. Michael Salla suggests that these same aliens got elites to agree to a Contract to enable them to provide technology to them as long as they could abduct various human subjects to expedite their sought artificial intelligence driven conquest of humanity,

In Dr Micheal Salla's Typology of Extraterrestrials he also shows how the the elite driven mass media which Anthony Bourdain worked for is apparently controlled by these manipulative aliens that the ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to as "artificial man".

It is unfortunate that as humans, we have tied our sense of success and failure to an exploitative economic system reinforced by manipulative aliens which have sought to interfere and oppress humans along the way.  According to Alex Collier and other researchers like David Icke, it is only when we, as humans, liberate ourselves from the need to become "rich and powerful" toward an environment where as humans we express unconditional love for each other that we, as humans will ever be able to truly manifest a world where we realize our potential as a spiritual-biological species.  It is therefore vital for any and all humans seeking such a rejuvenated milieu for Human Development to reverse a march toward Artificial Intelligence which seeks to enslave humanity into a system of oppression and punishment through archons by alien overlords.

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