Real Estate: Blog posts versus Classified Ads -- Sales Knockout

Location, location, location. Thats the mantra of the real estate world. And its true; the right location can turn a house purchased simply for somewhere to live, into a hugely profitable investment. A house in the perfect location is every realtors dream: an easy sale, a good price, a fat commission in the bank.

Of course, not all houses are in that perfect location (or if they are, the owners are hanging on to them). The world is full of houses that are a challenge to sell. This may be because they are in bad shape or in a seedy neighbourhood, or in a flood plain. It takes work to sell such houses. Even if you can find a silver lining, it is a huge challenge to get that across within the confines of a classified ad.

How do you say in 60 words or less that the decrepit-looking house at the end of a quiet street is actually perfectly sound and full of original wood floors, decorative mouldings and a Victorian-tiled fireplace. How do you inform people that one of the best housing deals is the cheapest house on a reasonably good block. Upgrading such a house to the standard of its neighbours elevates the entire block (by removing an eyesore) and your investment in improvements will be more than repaid. The realtor will explain all this to interested buyers, but how does she get the word out to all those potential buyers who only saw the problems?

It can be done through the use of blog post advertorials. An advertorial is a paid advertisement which has been carefully written to seem like editorial content. It is not intended to make an immediate sale; it is intended to put out information that will sway readers towards making a purchase at the appropriate time. For products it is a branding opportunity with contact information so that readers can follow up if they are interested. For real estate, this is the opportunity to sell a house by describing in depth the qualities that make a particular house attractive. If the advertorial looks like a weekly column, the agent can describe a genre of houses, say modern ranch or Queen Anne, and reach out to a niche market. As much as anything else, repeated infomercials will show that you, the realtor, know your business: you have a wealth of information, packed with fascinating details about a style or era, and you know what sort of house appeals to a particular group of buyers.

The folks at are consummate professionals who offer their clients several services which help them stand out from the rest. will arrange for your advertorial blog post to be distributed on multiple newspaper sites. They will also use their creative writers to produce great content, if you have not already prepared your blog post advertorial.

The impact of advertorials over classifieds is overwhelming. This is especially true if you stick with your area of expertise selling houses and leave the advertising part to the professionals in that field.

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