Online dating: Want to meet?


‘Want to meet’, are perhaps the most important keywords of online dating and before spurting them out one should not forget to check the room temperature.” Aren’t you finding it quite strange? Well, before learning the secret that I will be sharing with you in this article, honestly I found it strange. Let me break it into digestible pieces of information, to make your life easy.

In one article, for example, I read a strange quote that goes like, “Man and Mouse are quite similar at one aspect; both of them keep on sneaking through wall-corner for a piece of cheese, no matter stale or fresh.” This is so damn true, in case of online chatterboxes or chat-potatoes. We all want to have a piece of cheese, but we all are ignorant about how to get a slice. In simpler terms, most of us completely go blank on the question of, “when to call a girl for meeting.” We are either so quick or too slow in arranging a one-on-one meeting with a beauty.

No wonder, at online dating website, everything works in parameters and we all want to play it safe. Inviting someone for a coffee in a rush, could possibly result in a serious damage to creditability. You will be gifting her grounds to doubt on you, if you keep her on a long hold. In online dating, clock is always working against you and your challenge is to beat the clock. Before a girl understands you, we need to man up and we must do something that women expect from us.

Quite a simply theory; you won’t accept a lift in the middle of the night from a complete stranger unless he is not driving a CAB. It is all about trust building and winning her confidence. Expecting a woman to come over in second meeting is nothing but an act of silliness. No wonder, but most of the guys are concerned about their preferences and comfort zones only i.e. once they realize that they are on for a meeting, they propose. This is the biggest mistake we all do. Without checking her preference and without even ensuring her comfort zone, we expect her to meet us.

Always keep in mind that this confidence building must not take a lifetime. Believe me, women really hate to spend long hours on internet chatting and social media networking websites. They do not want to talk to a complete stranger for months or years. Most of them are least bothered about how you define yourself over the weird wired internet system and are much more excited to know more about how to do things in real. They are real quick and want to live their life to the fullest, in other words no time for fairytales. Precisely, the sooner you invite, the better it will be.

Always remember that swallowing a hot potato cake right after it is poured out from a frying-pan on to a serving dish, will only burn your tongue. To pen down, we must act wisely while courting someone on internet.

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