Dating: Top Ten first date tips for guys

Guys often have a hard time choosing dating acticities in particular, and dating in general. This is not a dig at guys, but it’s a proven fact that the primitive cave man ages have made man an apparently very hopeless species when it comes to the emotional side of dating. Men are pre-programmed to have sex to reproduce, (therefore with as many mates as possible) as well as keeping the family safe and protected, and providing for them as best as he can. When you think of this way, you can understand why men are not always the best at dating, and to be more specific, actual dates.

The first date is always the most nerve-wracking experience. You have to make a great first impression, as well as coming up with a date that is going to match both of your needs and requirements, while still managing to get to know each other. Thankfully, we are here to make life a little easier.

One thing that you SHOULD NOT do on a first date is head to the cinema! What is the point in taking someone you don’t know that well to a movie that they may hate, to sit there in silence for two hours, watching each other lazily eat pop corn. This sure doesn’t sound like a great first date when you put it on paper, does it?

Bearing this in mind, you are going to want to think of places in which you can have a chat, get to know each other, have fun, and create a connection between the two of you to ensure you score a second date. We will start with the greatest dates for communication:

-- A picnic in the park. This only really works during the warmer months, and if you actually put the effort in. A sandwich lazily made at home, shoved in a plastic carrier bag, and taken to the local playground does not really qualify for a picnic. Put the effort in – find a half decent, scenic park, get a hamper and a picnic blanket, make some half decent food, and grab a bottle of something it is legal to drink in public.

-- Meet her for lunch. There will be a time limit of just an hour, (or less) so there is no pressure of finding a date that will last for longer than this. If you don’t like each other, her return to work will be the "get out of jail" card that you both need, and you are pushed for time so a lunch in a nice café will just have to do. You can talk over lunch as well!

-- Dinner. This is where things get tricky. You probably don’t want to go too fancy because you don’t want her to think you are showing off, or are just rich. Most women are not that bothered by money, and if they are at this early stage, you probably wouldn’t want to date her. You should also ensure that you have been there before, or at least know enough about it to know that you are not going to get food poisoning.

What about dates that are more fun, however? You don’t want to do something dull and boring; you want something to bring out the adventurous side of both of you. Thankfully, there are a few ideas for that too!

-- Go-karting! This is crazily fun, will have both of you seeing each other at best and worst scenarios, and could bring out any crazy competitive behavior that will put off later on anyway.

-- The zoo! A walk, a chat, and some beautiful sights. What more could you want? The walking is the perfect time for talking, and the animals are always good to look at if she is as dull as a fish.

-- A theme park. This only really works if you know you want to spend the whole day with her. This would be a great double date too. Rides, thrills, and excitement. What more could a girl want?

-- Bowling. This is so old school, it can’t be anything but fun! A night of bad shoes, great laughs, a couple of beers and a chat. Would could possibly go wrong?

-- Local music. You both want to go to a bar, but you don’t want your first date to be surrounded primarily with a great atmosphere for drinking. The local bar that has music is the perfect compromise! You both get to talk, enjoy a couple of drinks, and the music is there to distract you should things go bad.

-- Why not play the tourist part, and do all the things that are available to tourists in your home town or area? You can pretty much guarantee that you both won’t have done everything, and at the same time, you get to do a variety of activities, bringing everything together in a nice perfect first date!


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