Usain Bolt fans scramble for tickets

Usain Bolt is looking to be a huge draw at the London Olympics and 80,000 people don’t might saying so. In what originally was a disappointment as thousands of people wanted to see the Olympic athlete in action has turned into somewhat a rosy situation as more tickets for next Saturday’s event with Usain Bolt went on sale Thursday. The tickets for the events featuring Bolt will be on sale every morning until race day in limited quantity.

This ticketing detail means that the men’s 100m final and the 100m relay, both which are expected to feature Usain Bolt, will be available for purchase for anyone who would like to see some of the fastest running athletes in the world.

The draw of Usain Bolt can hardly be denied. With media on Twitter using the hashtage #whereisbolt to ask fans if they see the athlete to divulge where, the excitement about this Jamaican runner is one that is steadily building for the world to watch.

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