Extraterrestrials: Archons triggered Fukushima out of Jealously suggest Pagan and Indigenous insights


Video [above]: Roommate in the film "Single White Female" helps encapsulate the archon psychosis at work.

In the article entitled Extraterrestrials in Film: Fukushima manifests Archon-orchestrated World War III plot, we established that: “Calculated negligence on Fukushima benefits no human or ‘terrestrial’ (Earthling). However, if we adapt the open mindedness of a forensic analyst who does criminal behavioural profiles, we can conclude that calculated negligence on Fukushima is driven by a “non-terrestrial” or alien source.” Apparently, too, this alien source also can exert control through governments.

We also concluded: “[T]hrough intuitive deduction, that systematized negligence on Fukushima is being orchestrated by an apparent non-carbon based alien presence of some kind. We can further conclude that this apparent alien presence has now declared a sort of World War aimed at humans as the dominant life forms of Earth’s biosphere.”

We also had made reference to Dr. John Lash having documented “ancient Pagan Gnostic accounts of “artificial man“ they called the “archons”. Ancient Pagan Gnostics described these archons as demonic lower dimensional silicon-based alien life forms which seek to parasitize the human mind through techniques of mind control.”

The question which might have lingered with you having read that article is the “why”. That is to say, why would some kind of alien entity called, the “archons” have gone through the trouble of instigating Fukushima, and have also been apparently linked to systemized global problems?

The apparent criminal motivation for launching Fukushima in relation to other systematized global problems is a psychopathic jealously that archons apparently harbour against humans.

Archons are cosmic sadists. Archons seek to get humanity to worship them and their operatives as the “emissaries of God“. But, it appears that archons essentially perceive humans to be a “piece of God”. Archons are ego-driven entities apparently fixated at “Godliness” that humans substantively represent to them.

By launching Fukushima against the “God’s Paradise” which Earth represents in the apparent view of the archons, these entities seek to enact “vengeance” at having been in their “world view“, “cosmic exiles” living in the apparent “Hell” that they have created from their own parasitism.

Appreciating the archon motivation for Fukushima and other systematized global problems can only be done after understanding what the archons are, in relation to us, as human beings. These insights are critically presented in Dr. John Lash’s insights on the ancient Pagan Gnostics.

Picture you, if you have not already, as some kind of highly creative individual, living a happy life in a modest home, somewhere out in the country. Where you live, there is a nearby pristine lake with fish. Where you live, life is abundant, including the birds singing. Food is abundant. The air is refreshing and clean. You are not rich by any standards of Western society, but you are also without any financial stresses.

You feel satisfied about your life, and you are surrounded by other creative people, who are happy.

Picture the “archons” like a half-brother or half sister you never knew, who lives in the worst slum you have ever seen, among the rats and heroin addicts. Then picture this half-brother of half sister finding out about you.

Further picture this half-brother or half sister after finding about you, electing not to tell you, but instead tries to cynically “befriend” you.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Your half-brother or half-sister decides to pose as your new neighbour. He or she, offers you a business proposition. He/she offers to give you and your long time neighbours a 90% cut if you and your friends give permission to just to chop down a few of your trees, and also give permission to use your lake to transport the cut down trees. You and your neighbours get excited at what you could do with all that money.

You give the disguised half-brother or half sister, you don’t know, the go-ahead. He/she then chops down ALL trees as far as the eye can see, and then makes your formerly pristine lake toxic with pollution. The birds leave. Your friends become sick with all the air and water pollution. Your half-brother and half-sister only gives you 10% of the revenue, instead of the 90% he/she promised, which drives you to become an alcoholic, and to experiment with heroin. Your half-brother or half-sister “apologizes” for they way thing turned out, and then offers you “discounts” on heroin from some great suppliers he/she knows.

That’s is an example of the archon mind at work.

Cosmic creation manifests ‘matter’ and ‘anti-matter’; ‘thesis’ and ‘anti-thesis’, ‘biological’ and ‘mechanical’.

Dr. John Lash’s insights on the ancient Pagan Gnostics describe the archons as the cosmic manifestation of that which is opposite to the human essence.

Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa indicates that the demonic entities which the archons represent, are sexually/physically compatible with humans, in the human form they can assume. But, their biology is an “empty copy” which lacks the essence of humanity which makes human beings who were are. That apparently, in itself, drives the archons to pursue abductions in a quest to create integrate the human soul, into the soul-less “human opposites” which they apparently constitute, according to Nigel Kerner.

Archons could be more accurately described as “anti-thesis human” entities rather than “Extraterrestrials” based upon Pagan Gnostic insights. Archons manifest as “robotic humans” of a parallel and lower dimensional plane that represent the exact opposite of spiritual-biological cosmic humans.

Pagan Gnostics elaborate that the archons inhabit the areas of the solar system like the Moon, Mars, and elsewhere that is out of our own biosphere. Now picture as we look from Earth at the moon (at this barren orbiting planetoid of some kind), what an archon might think that lives on the Moon looking at the majestic “Big Blue Marble” that Earth represents.

A pivotal key to understanding the Archons -- based upon Dr. John Lash’s insights -- is indeed apparently jealously.

The archons are apparently jealous, having come into contact with humanity through an apparent interdimensional rapture of some kind, based upon Alex Collier’s insights. Mr. Collier is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials in relation to Earth’s ‘hidden history’.

Fukushima was apparently instigated as a result of a psychopathic jealously which archons share against their cosmic opposites.

Based on Pagan Gnostic insights, Archons share a lot in common with the new roommate character in the film “Single White Female’ depicted in the above movie trailer. That character in the movie was highly jealous, sought to control, and then annihilate the ’object’ of her fatal admiration.

Fukushima is a vector for the planned destruction of Earth as scripted in the Christian Bible’s Book of Revelation.

Archons are apparently jealous of humanity having creativity and a spirit, in the paradise that Earth represents. The archons use their mechanical artificial intelligence to simulate reality which enables them to assume a human appearance. Having assumed that appearance, the archons can then rely on their natural ability to deceive humanity.

Archons ‘substitute’ and ‘simulate’ to disorient humanity, and then seek to “divide” , rule and conquer.

Archons apparently view humans, as a result of us existing in a higher dimensional plane, to be superior to them. Archons simulate virtual reality associated with UFOs to illicit fear and awe in humans.

As humans, we have been apparently “kept in dark” about our natural capabilities, inclusive of psycho-kinetic powers, which far exceed artificially-based technologies of the archons.

Fukushima represents the tactics of obfuscation and deception which the archons seek to perpetuate in their systematized and sadist pursuit to take vengeance against the “God energy“, which the archons view humans to be.

This is not the “God” which the archons have manufactured in organized religions, like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Rather, the Godliness which the archons apparently fear, and seek to exploit/parasitize and control, is our cosmic energy of infinite creativity and free will. Alex Collier indicates that the archons refer to this “God energy” as the “Paa Tal”

The “Paa Tal” created life forms that could evolve on their own, with free expression. The archons, on the other hand, seek to dominate races to function as a ‘natural resource’ for their exploitation and “pleasure“.

The Pagan Gnostic refers to the “Paa Tal” as Gaia. First Nations elders refer to the “God energy” which archons seek to ultimately destroy as “the Creator”.

When the archons sought to subvert and destroy the spirituality of indigenous peoples throughout the world, they sought to replace the threatening ideals of “the Creator” with the “counterfeit spirituality” of an alien orchestrated “psychopathic God” expressed in the Book of Revelation.

Fukushima was apparently orchestrated as part of a Book of Revelation script, to deceive humanity into awe for their “alien God creation” which is in the image of artificial intelligence. According to Dr. Lash’s accounts on the Pagan Gnostics, humans empower the ability of the archons (as the “anti-thesis” of ourselves) through the human imagination, which enables humans on “leaps of faith” to surrender our own capacities for analytical thought.

Archons are natural deceivers of humanity, not because they are “technologically superior” to humans, which based upon Pagan Gnostic insights, they are not. Archons are natural deceivers because they originate from this the inorganic “anti-thesis” universe, while as humans, our origins are from an organic “thesis” universe. Deception, or what many of us would simply call “lying” or obfuscation, is the apparent essence of archons ways.

When we, as humans listen to the archons, we from time to time, perceive what they say to be “Orwellian”, but that is just who they are.

As humans, peace to us, means the exact opposite, to the archons.

When we think “spirituality”, they think “organized religion”.

Our origins as humans is about “service-to-others”. Their orientation is “service-to-self”, based upon Mr. Collier’s insights, which the archons seek to perpetuate through an elite-directed destructive capitalist system.

The archons are “Free Enterprisers” to quote one of Jon Carpenter’s characters in his film They Live (1988). Executing Fukushima was “just business” to the archons, in the context of their scripted agenda which is apparently outlined the Book of Revelation. This apparently included the so-called natural disaster of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, which happened to apparently coincide with Adolf Hitler’s “Birthday Anniversary“.

The ‘Hell’ that we might perceive that Fukushima is creating on Earth, represents to the archons a righteous ushering of a “Brave New World”, and a “New World Order” which represents the “natural order of things”.

Understanding archons motivations for potentially executing and perpetuating Fukushima therefore relies on us, as humans, “freeing our minds from mental slavery” to quote the late Bob Marley. Humans can only begin to understand the archons by knowing ourselves as beings of peace, love and empathy. If we then embrace that sense of be-ing to understand what the archons represent in relation to ourselves as human beings, that are a part of a higher dimensional cosmic reality, we begin to understand… Humans cannot expect to understand the archons, and their link to the systemic global problems like Fukushima, that have been described by Dr. Michael Salla, without setting out to escape the “service-to the self” state of dystopia which archons seek humanity to assimilate into our human consciousness and sub-consciousness.

Archons try to get us to think like them, in an apparent attempt to live through humans, based upon Dr. Lash‘s insights on the Pagan Gnostics. Fukushima is an apparent part of an agenda to “bring humanity down” to the lower dimensional state of the archons, in order to “tame” the “God energy” which humans apparently represent to the archons.

The deception which surrounds Fukushima which includes censorship and obfuscation, is symptomatic of the kind of tactics used by the archons which Pagan Gnostics documented, and which indigenous elders like African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa describe. The execution of Fukushima described by Jim Stone, and the perpetuation of Fukushima as part of a “Book of Revelation” script, is consistent with the kind of infiltration which John Carpenter’s science fiction film “They Live” (1988) apparently sought to depict.

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