Texas witness reports Holographic-like Diamond UFO


A Texas witness wishes he had thought to take video after watching a "huge, diamond-shaped craft that was silent and bright" that flew low and appeared as though it had "cloaking or some kind of camouflage," according to December 10, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

While the city was not named in the public portion of the MUFON report, the witness and a friend were driving along Anderson Mill Road moving toward FM620 when the object first came into view. They both searched for logical explanations at what they were looking at.

"Once we got to FM620 ready to take a right east, we stopped because it was stationary and about 500 feet or so ahead of us, but at a distance to where I still was having trouble figuring out what it was," the witness stated. "I could see blue and red flashing lights as well as a yellowish orange light as if something was burning or a flame."

The witness noticed that when the light changed green, the other cars did not move.

"We were at the stoplight and I looked around - our stoplight was green - no one was moving (4-way light) and it seemed as if they were all focused on the strange object. I rolled down the windows and my friend and I stuck our heads out the window to get a better look. I could not hear anything. It was complete silence and I had a very eerie feeling."

Then the object moved directly overhead.

"I was shocked and in awe as if I was watching the movie, "Independence Day", when I saw a massive, diamond-shaped craft, that appeared to be about 7 to 10 planes wide. I can't really give a good estimate, but it seemed bigger than anything I had ever seen fly."

The object also seemed to have another odd component - looking as though you could see through it - as well as being silent.

"What confused me the most was that the harder I tried to look at it, it seemed to be almost see through, like having some cloaking or some kind of camouflage, but you could still see the shape and size, but also the clouds and stars behind it. Also as we slowly turned right at the stoplight going east, the object moved very slowly over us and to the south at literally like 10 to 30 miles an hour. It was moving very slow."

The witness also telephoned a friend early on during the sighting. The friend was able to see the object from a difference perspective, but further away. The witness is also wishing video had been taken during the event.

"Looking back on the subject, I was so upset with myself for not filming it because my friend next to me had an iPhone which I did not think to grab as if something was not allowing me to think to film it.  My phone did not have a video or camera on it."

The witness did search for images on the Internet and submitted on illustration that seemed to depict the object seen.

"As we searched UFO images, I came across this one that struct me in particular, because you can see right through it and besides a blue and red light where some of the yellow lights are on the top strip. It is pretty much the exact same object I saw that night."

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Internet site reference: http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/diamond-ufo-over-texas-had-cloaking-or-camouflage

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