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Fukushima to Elenin Cube: Extraterrestrial War of 1930’s masked Time Travel for Religious Prophecy


Why have there been so many apparent coincidences between events that we, as humans, have been experiencing since 9/11, and Christianity’s Bible. These include 9/11 itself, to the Iraq War, to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill to 3/11 Fukushima. Christianity Bible’s also apparently “foretells” of a Star Trek Borg-like Elenin Cube, which is apparently also hurdling toward Earth. World War III is also outlined as a precursor to an envisioned “New World Order”.

What is this all about? Are we, as humans, witnessing confirmation of Bible Prophecy toward a “Day of Judgement” or something else?

Perhaps if we look at this whole context from a different context, we can bring a contrasting perspective onto this issue. Alex Collier provides a contrasting perspective. Mr. Collier is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. He indicates that based on his contactee insights, Manipulative Extraterrestrials invaded Earth in the 1930’s. This invasion apparently took place as a result of Nazis having sought out these Manipulative Extraterrestrials through the creation of an one-dimensional stargate.

As Earthbound humans, we don’t recall such an invasion because this invasion resulted in this Nazi-alien alliance travelling back and then forward in time. The result was the creation of an “artificial time line” which altered human conscious memory of our past. The 1930’s that we experienced as humans was apparently artificially created to give the impression that the Nazis lost. The Nazi-alien alliance based on Alex Collier’s insight scripted their own loss for an agenda of manipulation.

What does this have to do with a different perspective of what the Bible represents, you might enquire? Well, suppose you went to the movie theatre with your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife. Suppose, they seemed to know what the next scene was going to be before you saw it. Would you think they were some kind of religious prophet, and that God was whispering in their ear, or would you think that they must have seen the movie before?

Similarly, if you were told to go to a coffee shop at a certain time because a surprise awaits you, and you went there and received a bouquet of flowers, would you think that was prophecy, or would you think that bouquet was planned and timed by the sender?

If we, therefore accept, as humans, the possibility that time-travel could exist, based upon Alex Collier’s insights, we are presented with the possibility that the Book of Revelation which Mr. Collier specifically discusses, and the Bible, in general, was not told from the perspective of “groups of scribes” in the past and getting “God’s word” of what was still-to-come. Alex Collier’s insights suggest that the Bible is a manifestation of an Extraterrestrial War of the 1930’s, and the archons which altered the Earthbound human time-line. In other words, the Bible is a script written from a Nazi-alien “End of Times” future, and then meticulously written back in time, in a similar way a producer would write a movie script.

Such a context suggests that we, as humans are being treated similar to “movie actors” on the film set of a movie like the Titanic. When William Shakespeare wrote: “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances” in his play “As You Like It”, he could have been representing the archons. Indeed, the archon orchestrators of the Bible, apparently view Earthbound humans, in part, to be “actors” and “actresses” which are managed by the operatives of the archons as a resource and as an apparent “form of entertainment”. The Nazi-alien “controllers” are apparently anticipating the “End of Times” as we, as humans, might anticipate the end of a movie, like the Titanic.

The archons have apparently already “designed” a future through time travel manipulations that their operatives like “stage directors“ are designed to carry out, in the name of “prophetic revelations“.

David Icke suggests that as humans, we might still be able to avoid experiencing an “End of the World” script into 2012 that is presented by the Bible, and in other religious texts, scripted by archons. But as humans, we would need to first “wake up” from an archontic “false reality matrix” which seeks foster the suspension of our human critical thought, awareness, and our cosmic memory of who we really are -- higher dimensional beings of empathy, peace and love. As humans, it is vital that we free ourselves from mental slavery, so that we can affirm our vital human sovereignty. This affirmation would then enable us to be able pursue a positive future, rather than the apparent ‘Hell’ future which elites as archons seem to be seeking to force onto our species and Mother Earth.

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