Extraterrestrials: Why alien sightings endure ridicule

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There have been countless documented sightings by people throughout history and across the world about seeing apparent aliens. Some of these apparent aliens have communicated in the native tongues of both voluntary contactees and abducted individuals. Yet, still, such widespread ranges of sightings and alien contact claims endure ridicule.

There are four apparent main reasons for widespread continued ridicule. In the first reason, “we would have been told”. The second fact of denial is linked to people who cite counter-representations from serving “debunkers”. Thirdly, there is the “I have never seen an alien”, so they must not exist, reason. And the fourth reason is that “advanced aliens” would never have the slightest interest in contact “little ol’ us” in the cosmos.

Many people who reject alien contact claims, seem to believe that if we, as humans, were having any contact with aliens, we, as humans would have been officially told. As humans, KFC does not even “tell us” what are in the “secret herbs” they put it their fried chicken batter. At the same time, as humans, we were emphatically told that there were “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq, when this was an apparent fiction that was used to manipulate the masses.

Our capitalist civilization relies on concealment and manipulation. Signs of military and other forms of elite-maintained secrecy are all around us. So, why would concealing the truth about aliens be any different?

Capitalism largely operates on a “need to know basis”. If KFC told you everything they put in their chicken, and the conditions associated with their chicken farms, you might think twice about purchasing what they offer. If capitalists are in contact with aliens which are providing information to manipulate the masses, that can be turned into commercial profit, why rock the boat? Capitalism serves owners of capital, and not people. The concealment of contact with aliens could serve an agenda that complements the agenda of capitalists.

The second apparent reason that is often used by the so-called “debunkers” is that there is a “lack of evidence“...
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