Fukushima: Surfer’s radiation poisoning -- Plight under alien life?


Fukushima-Diary.com reports that around 5 pm on 24 June 2012, a surfer was found floating with a surf board at 30m from the coast of Ichinomiya Chiba in Japan. He was wearing wet suits. He was hospitalized but they confirmed his death soon later.

The surfer was a 45 years old company worker living in the town. He reportedly left for surfing in the afternoon by himself.

“According to Choshi district meteorological observatory, wind and wave were moderate at that time.”

Is this a case of poisoning due to the worsening radiation contamination of the Pacific Ocean? Is this the sign of things to come under current elite negligence?

Are artificial life forms operating in "human vessels" responsible for the apparent bizarre decision-making by elites in relationship to Fukushima and other environmental issues?

David Icke is an investigative research on alien issues. He suggests that humanity needs to wake up in order to protect our planet Earth from further destruction under the direction of alleged artificial life forms who are spiritually disconnected from the biosphere of our planet Earth.

More information?  Go to: http://www.examiner.com/article/fukushima-surfer-s-radiation-poisoning-suggests-plight-under-alien-life?cid=db_articles

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