Extraterrestrials: U.S. Election complements Mayan 2012 Calendar Scenario


Many hold grand expectations for the end of 2012. For supporters of Mr. Obama, it could be the year that we elect our nations first African American president to a second term of office, during which he could truly enact his vision for change. For supporters of Mr. Romney, it would be the year that we return the country to traditional values and prosperity. That is what the corporate mass media would have the American people believe. But, for Americans, and other humans internationally who are interested in more esoteric matters, 2012 is a year that the ancient Mayans predicted change of a different sort. But, could it be that the visions of the Mayans and the U.S. Presidential Election be connected that is just over month before the "end of times" scenario?

If internet sources are to be believed, there is indeed some matter afoot that will very shortly impact each of us very deeply. Many speculate that we are being prepared to either make the transition easier for us, or to pull the wool over our eyes.

Paola Harris has studied the relationship between disclosure and the entertainment industry. She claims that putting the truth in the open simultaneously makes it look like science fiction, but more acceptable in the event that disclosure would actually happen. Other claims have been made that FEMA and other federal agencies are setting up massive and wide-spread “Residential Centers” for the purposes of rounding up American citizens as well as stock piling massive caches of coffins and other supplies that would be needed in a catastrophic event.

In a recent publication, Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, claims that Pacific Rim nations (including the United States) are taking part in a prolonged military conflict with inhabitants of or intelligences behind certain UFO activity.

Duff provides information that numerous treaties have been signed between world governments, including the United States, and extraterrestrials since the late 1940s. The fact that these clandestine treaties merely exist would be cause for alarm, but the content of those treaties is especially disturbing. According to Duff, elements of these treaties allow hostile non-human entities to abduct (and not return) an agreed upon number of citizens from the US.

Despite these accusations of activity, the question remains -- what motivates the individuals behind such reported activities? Carol Rosin has claimed that during her time at Fairchild Industries, met Dr. Werner Von Braun (one of the fathers of modern rocketry, former SS Officer, and mystic), and informed her in 1977 of a vast and long lasting conspiracy to weaponize space and control the psyche of the general public. According to Rosin, Dr. Von Braun knew of a plan to first use the Russians as an apparent enemy to convince the American populace of the need for military spending.

After the orchestrated defeat of the Russians/Soviets, the Archons in power (who ultimately control American, European and Russian elites, as detailed by David Icke) would collectively shift the attention of the “human masses” to terrorists (i.e. Al-Qaeda). Contrived "Terrorists" sponsored by lower dimensional Archons documented by Dr. John Lash would be replaced by rogue developing nations (i.e. Iraq and Iran), as the prime “enemies“ to support a crypto fascist militarist agenda.

Asteroids would then be discussed in the media as a potential threat that would require “space defences“. The Archons would then replace the potential threat of asteroids with the charade of a threat from "extraterrestrials" in staged UFO sightings and staged military confrontations that would play out Hollywood film science fiction plots. The end result of this escalation of fear would be the complete weaponization of space and the total control of Earth's population by a secret elite that have been controlled by regressive aliens since the rise of Earth's early oppressive Empires.

If the Mayans foresaw the rise to power of vast and far sighted forces (whatever form they may actually take) at the end of 2012 the actual outcome of the American presidential election is irrelevant. The interdimensional Archontic forces described by Dr. John Lash are farther-sighted than our conventional appreciation of a linear space-time context. Thus, if Mr Romney was chosen by nefarious forces to win, he will win, and likewise for Mr. Obama. Just as organized religion is a counterfeit by Archontic mediums of human spirituality, it appears that frustrations that the American people experience in governance may be attributed to a regressive alien counterfeit of “democracy”, which may be leading America and the world into a Post Presidential Election Global Apocalypse.

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