Hurricane Sandy suggests artificial life -- alien agenda: Gnostic insights


Few can deny that weather patterns are becoming more extreme. Hurricane Sandy serves as the most recent example. While officially denied, weather manipulation technologies are well documented.

The quest for control of the weather by elites through Archons has been well documented. It is believed that the most commonly form of weather modification is Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves. These waves are directed either into the Earth at fault lines or into the ionisphere along jet streams. The types of events potentially caused by ELF technology include earthquakes, droughts, floods, and hurricanes. The weather modification capabilities of HAARP and its international counterparts are routinely denied, and remain to be allegations for "conspiracy theories".

The Archons, as researched by Dr. John Lash, are lower dimensional parasitic artificial life forms that seek to "live through" those humans that can be used to manifest havoc on our planet Earth.

Lash came to his conclusions through his interpretation of ancient Pagan Gnostic texts. These texts warn that the Archons wish to alienate us from our organic nature and direct our society toward their own inorganic nature. They seek to control humanity because we possess great intrinsic powers currently beyond our control, and, hopefully, forever beyond the Archons according to Dr. Lash's representation.

According to Lash, the trans-humanist agenda which pivots on "nanotechnology", which seeks to “advance” humanity beyond our natural state is part of the Archons inorganic agenda. Nanotechnology is the apparent basis of the Borg characters in the science fiction series Star Trek. If great suffering were to be experienced by a great number of people, any relief would be welcome, even if it came from an alien source. At least, that is what the Archons hope, based upon Dr. Michael Salla's testimony.

If recent natural disasters are indeed the doing of the Archons, they may soon reveal themselves. A great show of technology that would relive suffering on a mass scale would certainly further the Archon agenda. At this time, all we can do is wait, but, with 21 December 2012 linked to a Mayan Calendar End-of-Times scenario fast approaching, we, as humans, may not have much longer to prepare of an apparently necessary psycho-kinetic defence, that Laura Magdalene Eisenhower [video below] appears to seek to inspire.

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