UFO: Witnesses encounter Mothership on Texas highway


Strange UFO activity can happen anywhere it seems. In the last few years the number of these appearances have increased and more and more people try to report them. Is it really an UFO? Is this planet really being visited by some sort of alien creatures?

On the first day of November 2012 an Unidentified Flying Object, as we all know it, an UFO, was spotted in Texas. A group of people discovered the strange object in the sky. They said that the object, the “white large oval object” was hovering near the cloud line. This Mother ship ejected another UFO in the sky. It looked like a small star and it had different colors. After a while, this small object moved up to the sky: “then it ejected a smaller star sized object that flashed different colours then that object moved upward into the sky..”

They were shocked to see something like this happen because in the past few weeks they claim they have seen many of these small stars like objects in the starry sky, “We were in shock after seeing this as we have seen the star like objects in the sky for the past couple of weeks in the night sky”. The star descended towards the ground and then it got up to the sky. In the mean time it continued flickering different colors. The object did not pass over the cloud line: “After the star like object descended straight down and then up it continued to flash in different colors at cloud level.

Soon enough, the strange object or entity started moving south at a low speed, and then it took of at a lightning speed and disappeared. These phenomena are no longer strange for the people who live in those areas. Almost everyday the see another UFO but not all of them know what it is. Only after they see them appear, they make some connections and realize that those lights are actually ships coming from other planets.

This incident took place around 7:00 pm on the highway 59 South onto FMRD 1186 and I believe it is not an isolated incident. Many people see flickering colourful lights in the sky and think they might be planes when in reality they are UFOs.

If you ever see something like that don’t hesitate to report it. An evidence of these strange phenomena is required and we need to know what is going on. By knowing what is happening around us we can protect our families the loved ones. Everybody should know what to expect and everybody needs to be informed.

These discoveries tell us that in the outer space there are things we don’t know about and that we don’t understand. These ships and encounters might affect our lives. Knowing about them is important.

From what witnesses report, the Mother ship was big enough to have another ship on it. The smaller "ship" or object started moving, which means that it left the area and headed to some other location. Keeping track of these events is very important. Most people think that they are planes or hot air balloons, but at a closer look they discover that really are UFOs.

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