UFO: Washington mountain suggests Alien-like Base


UFO expert and ESL teacher Scott C. Waring presents detailed photos and video evidence on his website, UFO Sighting Daily’s Website.  Waring now claims that these are evidence of the entrance to an alien base on the side of Mount Adams, Washington. 

Mount Adms has been the focus of UFO enthusiasts for many years, and people come from all over the world to see firsthand the glowing orbs that fill the sky almost every night. The frequent UFO sightings have leadto public discussion about  the possibility that Mount Adams is actually a large scale alien base.

Scott C Waring, the founder of UFO Sighting Daily, has researched this matter for years. He has an interest in certain areas of the mountain, especially the ECETI ranch area. “Many people, from ordinary people, news agencies, to military officers have witnessed sightings in the area. From documented videos, many people said that the UFO came or went into the side of the mountain.”

Using the latest satellite map technology, Waring examined the ranch from  above. He zoomed into the surface and eventually found a strange object, suspected to be an entrance door to an alien base.

“Using earthflash.com, one of the leaders in satellite map technology, I examined the ranch from  a bird’s eye view. I was looking for images with certain distortions, like a glitch in their cloaking, which can  indicate an entrance into the underground. Certain light waves are not visible to the human eye, but can be captured by the digital eye,” Waring explained his methods.

Sure enough, when Waring zoomed in close enough, he found the anomaly he was looking for.  “In this one area, the image goes fuzzy, while everything around it has crisp, clear detail.  In the middle of the blurred area there is a circle which can only be the entrance to an alien base.”  This contention is supported by the fact that,  “Many people, from ordinary people, to military officers, even Fox News have witnessed sightings in the area. From documented videos, many people have said that the UFOs came or went into the side of the mountain.”

The ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) has grown up to provide a base for spiritually aware humans to gather and make contact with the aliens living deep within the mountain. James Gilliland, owner of the ACETI ranch, claims to have been invited abourd one of the UFOs as a guest.  With so many sightings in this one area, it made sense to look for evidence of an underground base.

“I’ve analyzed the evidence. The conclusion is that the entrance is real. The next question we have to answer is: how do we open that entrance?” Waring concluded.

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