Manipulative Extraterrestrials traced to Moon


Is the moon a military base for an alien power?  A video posted online and spotted by YouTube user ‘Streetcap1’ on October 20, 2012 seems to promote that idea.

Scott C. Waring, the owner and manager of the site UFO Sightings Daily, seems to agree with this theory. Scott is a veteran UFOlogist who also happens to be an ESL school owner and writer. He founded UFO Sightings Daily as a way to provide a platform for other UFOlogists like him to post their witness accounts and video footage in a way that enhances clarity.

The footage posted by Waring shows what he as  ‘a hexagon shaped building with a rectangular structure in its middle’. Waring also states that he has found additional areas that include ‘some structures inside a crater, another is a starfish-like building and another wide tower with a crown and an opening like a door on a massive scale’.

The theory that the earth’s moon is not what it appears -- instead it is either an alien military base or a giant spaceship- is supported by David Icke, (pronounced Ike)  British writer, public speaker and former Green Party spokesman. Icke can be seen in the YouTube video questioning our perspective of the moon, as we know it. He makes quite a strong case for the moon being too large to be just that. Citing gravitational anomalies, Icke argues that they moon should not be there at all. Instead, he proposes a dual planet scenario and argues that the moon is a planet on its own.  Furthermore, the planet is hollow and filled with reptilian aliens.

The other possibility according to Icke, is that what we perceive as the moon is in fact a gigantic space ship brought here by an alien race from which they are able to control their “target world”, that is us, as a slave race.

David Icke defends his views by saying that ‘humanity at this time is not at the cutting edge of possibility’, hence rendering us unable to argue effectively against his theory. He also goes on to say that there is growing evidence of the presence of reptilian aliens on the moon, and that history has shown that when these creatures ‘move the moon…it wipes the slate of civilization that was there before.’

Backed up by tales in many cultures around the world of cataclysmic events (such as would happen if a body the size of the “moon” were suddenly to enter into orbit around the earth), and the structures that Scott C. Waring has identified on its surface, there seems to be some basis to the idea that the man in the moon is in fact a dominant alien race.

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