UFO: Wars on Earth create dimensional vortex around Sun?


Negative energy tends to attract other negative energy and positive energy tends to attract other positive energy. Is it possible that we, as humans, as spiritual-biological beings may be having an effect on our reality which is enabling the intrusion of regressive aliens from parallel realities?

As our Earth ebbs toward destruction, UFO sightings appear to have increased. Many of these UFOs appears to be consistent with regressive or "demonic" entities described by both the ancient Pagan Gnostics based upon the research of Dr. John Lash and the testimony of the late John Todd. Is it possible that the giant UFOs circling around the Sun are the direct manifestations of regressive entities harnessing the power of negative energies on Earth? Is it possible that it may be vital for humans to direct our collective consciousness as humans that embrace empathy, love and peace for one another in order to close an alien scripted end of times scenario by "Galactic Obliteration Devices" described by the Luciferian Liberation Front?

Are orchestrated events on our planet paving the way for some UFO-appearing regressive aliens to interfere in our affairs? If we believe the late John Todd and the research done by Dr. John Lash, it is highly possible that negative events like wars and destructions create a lot of negative energy, which may be manifesting in the creation of a dimensional vortex around the sun for UFO activity. Scott Waring who edits UFO Sightings Daily suggests that there appears to be some kind dimensional vortex which is enabling a build of large cubic UFOs around the sun which resemble to "Borg" cubes in Star Trek science fiction series.  The Archons who wrote the Bible's apocalytpical Book of Revelation indicated that a cubic UFO would appear in Earth's orbit in association with an End of Times scenario.


Recently, there has an increase in the sightings of giant UFOs around the sun. According to the Luciferian Liberation Front, these UFOs are actually "Galactic Obliteration Devices" which are mentioned in the Bible, in the Book of Revelation.  They say that these devices are actually Borg-like cubes from Jesus cyborg entity, which are travelling towards our planet to cause catastrophic destruction. The irony is that, the sightings of these SUN UFOs have been constantly increasing, as the end of the Mayan Calendar, i.e. the 21st of December, 2012 approaches.

So, is it possible that we are aiding our own destruction? Are we helping the demonic Archons to visit our dimension by spreading negativity across the planet? We cannot find any definitive answers to these questions. However, we can certainly try to stop spreading negativity and negative energy across our planet.  Although it is unclear how we,as humans, can prevent the occurrence of natural disasters, which are reportedly caused by the regressive aliens, we can at least try to stop the occurrence of man-made calamities such as wars. As conscious biological entities, we can make an effort to stop enabling the intrusion of regressive aliens from parallel realities.  

The Archons have pretended to be our Gods for thousands of years, and Dr. John Lash's testomony on ancient Pagan Gnostic insights suggests that it is important that we understand that such artficial life forms seek to derail humanity by parastizing the human ego specifically, and human mind in general. 

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