UFO : Israelis witness possible Sun-encircling GOD Aliens

Disclose.tv - Colossal Cubic Ufo over Israel


Scott. C. Waring the owner of UFO Sightings Daily, reported on a large Cubic shaped UFO caught circling the sun recently. The origins of the UFO and its activity is not known but Israelis have before witnessed the same Cubic shaped UFO.  However, it was a smaller version as compared to the current sightings.

The previous Cubic UFO sighting was seen by a large number of Israelis on three consecutive nights on August 1996, and the object appeared as having illuminated passageways. The video attached shows the footage of the Unknown Object described by the narrator of the video as possibly being a demonstration of the regressive GOD aliens as described by the ancient Pagan Gnostics.


Dr John Lash who has researched on the ancient Pagan Gnostics explaining their theory which describes that these aliens known as Archons are the ones that "channeled" the Bible and other oppressed and organized religion. According to the Luciferian Liberation Front's (LLF) view, the UFO that is encircling the sun resembles the arrangement of the cubic UFO which is in fact the soul collector. The job of the soul collector is to carry all enslaved souls to the lower dimensional control of the alien that is of an artificial intelligence.


The object that was seen circling the sun previously was a partially lit object which showed a triangle shaped back part of the UFO. With a very dim light that gave a slight idea of the object as being a massive object which does not resemble any object that is known to humankind until now.


Such immense is the structure of the object that it appears to have hallways or as defined earlier passageways within it giving an idea of how gigantic it really was. According to experts who saw the cubic UFO the size that was evident of the object represented only 5% to 7% of the total size of the UFO further confirming the immense size of the object.


These descriptions further shed light on the beliefs and studies of the Pagan Gnostics and the Luciferian Liberation Front who gave the concept of the Galactic Obliteration device (GOD).  "GOD" that is really a manifestation of the Demiurge, is allegedly is to be responsible for the initialization, operation and ending of the world, unless we, as humans, can raise our collective consciousness that liberates ourselves from social control by "GOD".


According to Dr. Losh Lash's research insights on the Archons, organized religions and messianic-saviour oriented beliefs were spawned by these aliens and further on the object that has been sighted recently is the soul carrier of these aliens which is encircling the sun for some unknown reason.

Another view of the incident is that the object belongs to giant aliens. Indeed,  the object is very large and has a strange shape which is not definable as a whole. UFO researchers say that the object could be a source to harvest energy for aliens and is encircling the sun for the purpose.

The unknown object that was seen hovering over the skies of Israel for three nights is unknown even as a UFO as among all the UFO sightings that has taken place before nothing as such has ever been seen before and could next be seem again as far of a force of desctruction.  The alleged regressive aliens who "channelled" the Bible,  indicate that a giant Cubic UFO would foreshadow the destruction of much humankind by "GOD".

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