UFO : Fox TV verifies alien-like activities over Denver

There have been multiple sightings of an Unidentified Flying Object in the skies of Denver that are still unexplainable by anyone. Not only were these objects seen flying over, they were also caught landing and launching in the Denver Metro area. According to aviation expert the objects are unexplainable as it is nothing like anything ever seen by him.

The witness of the incidents and a viewer of Fox News first reported the UFO through his home video which clearly showed the Object flying in the air. Its speed is so fast that it is impossible to be seen through naked eye and only through slowing down the video can you actually see the object moving in the skies. The witness claims that the Object appears between Noon and 1 P.M at least twice a week. Fox News has done its research and found the flying object hovering in the Denver skies at the time defined by the witness and what has been defined by aviation experts as an Unidentified Flying Object.

The FAA, who is responsible for controlling all the air movement of the state declare that they have no record whatsoever of any flying object in the area. It is not a bird, neither a flying piece of debris nor any aircraft, by the looks of it.  This craft is an apparent alien technology.

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