UFO: Whitley Strieber discuses alien abduction


Now in paperback, the bestselling author of Communion revisits his groundbreaking work on alien abduction to explore the ultimate meaning behind today’s increasing reports of UFO sightings, close encounters, alien implants, crop circles, animal mutilations – and what it means for our near-future.

In 1987 writer Whitley Strieber exposed the world to the truth about alien abduction in his landmark memoir, Communion.

For the first time in years, Strieber revisits his encounter with alien intelligences-but now dramatically widens his search to explore how "the visitors" connect with today's persistent and globe-spanning reports of anomalous phenomena, such as crop circles, cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, alien abductions, near-death experiences, close encounters, and unexplained bodily implants.

In Solar Flares: What You Need to Know, Strieber reveals the dangers behind solar flares, tracks the disastrous damage they could cause in the here-and-now, explores what individuals can do to prepare, and explains the simple steps that must be taken to protect power grids. He concludes with an urgent call to action.

This problem can be solved. All it takes is the political will.

Strieber shows what needs to be done, and how to demand that Congress act on this urgent matter at once.  "Click" above Amazon.ca link for more information.

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