Canadian Film Chosen For Film Festival in New York City

MONTREAL ( -- The award winning short film drama, Nawzad Lost, a creation of Montreal filmmaker Costa Moshopoulos, has been officially selected to be screened at the 6th Annual Manhattan Film Festival. Dubbed a "…13 minute gem" by, Nawzad Lost takes viewers into the precarious world of war and innocent civilians.

Many amateur filmmakers who step into the realm of the silver screen do so with the primary desire to see their creativity come to life. Few however, dare to dream, let only whisper their hope of public acclaim, but such is the case for an up-and-coming filmmaker from Montreal. Costa Moshopoulos' creative piece Nawzad Lost has captured the attention of the Manhattan Film Festival, named top 25 film festivals worth the entry by Movie Maker Magazine and won the Royal Reel Award at the Canada International Film Festival. The Manhattan Film Festival will also showcase films starring fellow Canadian Michael Cera and Andy Garcia.

In a market that is already well-saturated with grim depictions of war, Nawzad Lost, with its unique and eerie look into war-torn Afghanistan, has successfully managed to stand apart from its peers. The 13-minute short film stars Gemini Award winner Christine Ghawi and co-star Chelsie Ostrega, and is centred around a mother and daughter who struggle to cope with the effects of war. The film contains no dialogue, providing viewers with an unsettling visual and auditory portrayal of the war.


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