Does It Make Sense for A Young Person to Get Life Insurance?

When you are in your 20s or early 30s, buying life insurance may end up saving you thousands of dollars. Here are just a few reasons why life insurance can benefit you from a young age, even if you do not think you need it yet.

The Benefits

There are various financial needs that life insurance can provide for young people. Firstly, life insurance can replace any lost income for those who you leave behind, such as children or a spouse who are dependant on your paycheck. If you are in your 20s, it’s more than likely that you are single and have no children, however, that doesn’t mean that you will stay like that. Later in life, you may decide to have children and get married,which makes the appeal of life insurance clearer.

The longer you wait to purchase life insurance, the higher premiums you may face. In general, life insurance for young people is cheaper the younger you buy it. Life insurance can be clear of any mounting debts that are owed by you and your estate. One of the largest debts that you may have in your 20s is student debt. Another benefit of life insurance is that it can reduce the hassle and stress of having to pay for funeral and burial costs.Getting life insurance early can save you money in the long run.

Finding the Right Policy

There are usually two categories that you need to look at when figuring out what kind of life insurance to purchase. These are term life and permanent life insurance. If you want life insurance to cover you for a set term, it’s best to take out term life insurance. Depending on your policy, this may last between 5-30 years. Term life insurance policy pays abenefit to your beneficiaries should you die before the term expires. You can also get a policy with a death benefit for as low as $5,000, or as high as $2 million, however, this will depend on your individual situation. The main purpose of permanent life insurance is to cover you and your estate for as long as you pay the premiums. Types of permanent life insurance include universal life and whole life. Both of which enables you to build cash value that you can borrow against. With both coverages, your premium stays level, which means it will not go up or down over time.

Useful Tips

It’s important to remember that no one life insurance policy fits all. If you’re ready to purchase, it’s wise to do your research beforehand. Have a think about how much coverage you will need. A life insurance calculator can help you with this and pinpoint a number for you. Take your budget into consideration as well as how long you need to be covered. This will make it much easier to choose between permanent life and term life.

There are many factors that you need to consider before taking out life insurance. Although life insurance may be the last thing on your mind when you’re young, you may not realise how many benefits that you may receive, so taking it out as early as possible could see you save huge sums of money in the long run.


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