15 Best Places To Learn Coding Skills in Toronto

Web development has quickly become one of the fastest-growing careers in today’s world, according to ICTC Digital Talent’s Road to 2020 And Beyond report.

Due to this, there is likely to be an increase in the demand for computer programming skills in Canada—with an estimated 182,000 IT professionals required this year. However, having these skills are very important for nearly every individual as it helps you automate tasks that were previously burdensome.

“Computer programming is an enormously flexible tool that you can use to do amazing things that are otherwise either manual and laborsome or are just impossible,” said Saurabh Hooda, Cofounder of hackr.io in Entrepreneur.

“If you're using a smartphone, a chat app or if you're unlocking your car with the push of a button, then you must know that all these things are using some kind of programming.”

Introducing programming to people as early as grade school is one of the most effective to cultivate these skills. However, Toronto has some of the best places for individuals of all ages to learn this important skill.

Whether you’re a full-time worker, or a student looking for intensive boot camps ona C# course, for example, here are some of the best places to get started in Toronto.

1.  HackerYou

This independent workshop located at Queen and Spadina offers an intensive coding crash course with a nine-week, eight-hour-a-day boot camp.

However, asides delving deeply into various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp, RWD, React and Git, students at HackerYou also learn other relevant skills including public speaking and personal branding.

2.  KnowledgeHut

KnowledgetHut is a leading IT training provider for professionals across various industries and sectors, helping them develop new expertise and bridge their skill gap for recognition and growth in the global corporate world.

They offer a wide range of services in training, learning and development in the fields of technology, and programming is one of their key competencies.KnowledgeHutprovides proven educational support and training for on-demand courses such as C# certifications, web development, Cloud computing and many more.

3.  Ladies Learning Code

A subsidiary of the organization Canada Learning Code, Ladies Learning Code is a platform that encourages girls, women, indigenous youth, individuals with disabilities and newbies to learn how to code and enhance their skills.

The workshop is hosted at various venues and each workshop focuses on just one specific programming skill—for example, Intro to HTML or Python. Also, there are programs made especially for kids and teenagers to teach them how to create video games and edit photographs.

4.  George Brown College

The school’s has a web development certificate that includes eight courses. While some of these courses are taught at the King Street campus, others are accessible online, where students can learn various programming languages—HTML, CSS and JavaScript—as well as their various applications.

5.  Seneca College

For about $4000/year, Seneca has a two-year computer programmer diploma where students are taught a variety of programming languages like COBOL, SQL, C and UNIX.

Their programs contain a wide range of electives that allow students to choose their own focus area.

6.  Tech Spark

Tech Spark runs school programs and camps that encourage girls to learn how to code. Most of the classes are targeted towards youth aged under 18 and programming languages such as Python, JavaScript and CSS are taught.

Also, other programming skills such as how to “hack” websites, program robotic hardware or chatbots are part of the individual programs.

7.  Toronto Public Library

Realistically, libraries are one the very few places to learn a skill from without paying any fee—all that’s required is just a library card.

The Toronto Public Library’s Digital Innovation Hubs plays hosts to several technology summits, conferences and workshops.

8.  University of Toronto

Through its School of Continuing Studies, the University of Toronto organizes a 24-week coding boot camp either online or at its Mississauga or St. George campuses.

9.  Ryerson University

The library at Ryerson University plays host to Python coding workshops twice every week, while the Chang School of Continuing Education offers students a complete computer programming certificate.

This certificate consists of four compulsory courses that cover C and C++ languages, data structures and UNIX topics.

10.  Sheridan College

For residents in Toronto, the Oakville-based college offers a great computer programming diploma to help you get started quickly.

Over the course of four semesters (16 months), students would learn various programming languages such as Java, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, .NET, C#, XML and many more.

The classes are held at the Oakville and Brampton campuses with tuition fees running to about $4,800.

11.  Humber College

The school has a two-year computer programming diploma that would help students get really familiar with operating systems, programming languages like ASP.net and Java, and framework programming.

However, it takes a much more theoretical approach than some of the other programs, with much emphasis laid on critical-thinking skills, technical reading and writing.

12.  Codezilla

Of all the students in universities across Canada, women are the most populated but are the least populated in fields such as science, technology,engineering andmath (STEM), according to Statistics Canada.

Therefore, Codezilla encourages young girls from the ages of eight and above to show more interest in STEM careers. They offer programs that teach kid basic programming skills on how to create their own applications and games.

13.  Bitmaker

The startup company has an education hub specifically for teaching individuals a variety of technology-related skills.

They offer full-time front-end development courses for $12,500 for a duration of 12-weeks or a part-time offering—with the option for evening courses—for $2,750 for a duration of 10 weeks.

14.  Lighthouse Labs

Arguably the most intense coding boot camp in Toronto, Lighthouse Labs has a tough admission process for students.It involves a 10-week program which consists of 12-hours-plus days of intensive coding, with the focus areas mainly Node.js, HTML and JavaScript.

However, the rigorous selection process shouldn’t demotivate you, as there's a 95 per cent employment rate for graduates who complete the $9,800 program.

15.  The Blockchain Society

Every month at Kensington Market, the Blockchain Society holds its programming classes which are best suited to individuals who are looking for a quick introduction into the world of programming.

For only $25, their events provide one hour of in-depth knowledge of basic coding skills accompanied by a networking session with key figures and developers in the industry. The sessions also feature a hackathon that allows participants to showcase their newly acquired skills.


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