Australians Find Ways to Enjoy Online Casinos Despite Governmental Suppression

For several years now, Australians have spent the most on online gambling with an average adult spend of $936 yearly, according to anH2GC report.

In addition, recently Australian Paul Newson has become the leader of The International Association of Gaming Regulations (IAGR), which onсe again confirms the strong friendship of the inhabitants of the "green continent" with the world of gambling.

Considering the competitive nature of Australians, online casino operators enjoyed continuous success in the country until the government decided to curb online gaming.

Up until 2017, online gambling laws in Australia were very sketchy, leading to the widespread growth of iGaming in the country, but the Australian government introduced a bill to regulate the growing industry. TheInteractive Gambling Amendment Bill (IGAB) 2016, and after a review by the Senate, it was put into effect September 2017.

However, iGaming operators in the country had been anticipating this law for over a year as the government continuously threatened them with a potential ban. The alleged reason behind the amendment bill is to ensure that Australians are protected from unlicensed offshore iGaming operators.

Once the bill was officially in effect, it led to a mass exit of several online casino giants who had been operating in the country for years and didn’t want to risk a sanction—though some smaller companies stayed behind to monitor the effect of the law. However, the ban on online casino operators in the country has left a huge void in the country’s gambling market and led to a lot of discomfort among Australian players who make a living off online casinos.

While smaller online casinos are still present in the country, their services are not as attractive as in previous times. This is because some of the leaders in online casino game development such as Microgaming and NetEnt have left the country, limiting the number of available games.

Considering how long online casinos have thrived in the Australian market, Australian players have become accustomed to playing different pokies daily and are now restricted due to the new bill. However, the most glaring problem with the amendment law is that it is almost impossible to enforce.

International online casino operators fall outside the Australian government’s jurisdiction—and both the casino players and operators are fully aware of this. Therefore, an offshore online casino can without breaking the law provide gaming services to Australians, but the players also know that there are no legal implications by playing at these offshore casinos.

In conclusion, Australians are still finding numerous ways to enjoy online gambling despite the stifling of gambling activities by the government.

For now, offshore online casinos are still accessible to Australians as internet service providers have not banned access to such sites. However, should the government instruct that all offshore casino sites be blocked by internet service providers, players can still use VPN services to access these sites.

Additionally, if the Australian government places a ban on transactions from offshore casinos, it would do very little to stop determined players considering there are several alternatives, such as cryptocurrencies or e-wallets.


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