Better Branding: Why Your Business Needs the Perfect Logo

Business owners often face a daunting task when looking for the perfect logo. Most logo artists charge exorbitant fees and it often ends up to be a long and tedious process to get your logo just right. Services like Turbologo have developed the perfect formula for easily creating the perfect logo that evolves with your business for a fraction of the usual cost.

You might be thinking, “I already have a name for my business. Why do I need a logo?” Brand identity is an incredibly important part of any business. Your logo is often the first thing your client will remember and personally identify with in the market.

Just imagine McDonald’s without the signature M that is visible a mile away. A logo will help your brand not only look more professional, but it will also help you engage potential clients and help you with customer retention.

Your logo is at the forefront of your business and is responsible for raising your visibility and makes your business more recognizable.

Nowadays, potential clients are constantly bombarded with new information. The digital age has made it nearly impossible for businesses to catch the short attention spans of their target audience.

This is where a unique and eye-catching logo comes into play. The perfect logo will not only catch the eye of your potential client, but it also lets them know what you’re about. Perusers are more likely to click on an advertisement and look into something further when a logo catches their eye and presents them with something that might interest them.

Furthermore, you only have one chance to make a lasting imprint on your consumers. Your logo not only needs to be eye-catching, but it also needs to resonate with your brand. Your logo is the main identifier your brand has and a poorly designed logo will not only deter potential customers from your business, but it will also effectively set a precedent for where your business is headed.

A poorly designed logo will not only tell your customers that you could care less about your brand, but it will also let them know that you do not value your brand’s–and consequently your products’ or service’s quality.

Your logo will also be responsible for asserting your business’s authority over your market. Whatever design you choose, make sure it’s not only eye-catching but that it also delivers the message of your business well.

Most business owners think that branding doesn’t go beyond designing a logo. When in fact, your logo should be at the center of your brand identity. It should represent your brand’s colours, message and tell your business’s story.

A well-designed logo will also help customers identify with you. Take a look at brands like Chanel for example. Whether it’s a counterfeit bag or an authentic piece, it is easily recognizable by its minimalistic and modern logo. Even non-fashion oriented folk are familiar with the iconic logo.

Now, you might be worried about the costs of investing in a logo. It’s easy to understand why. Several logo artists charge exorbitant fees to design a logo that could end up looking too simple for the price you paid for it.

Some artists charge upwards of $100 for a single minimalistic logo that comes in a single colour. This can be worrisome especially for businesses that are just starting out and don’t have a lot of funds set aside for branding.

But what can you do? If a logo is such an integral part of your business, are you doomed to try (and fail) to design a logo on your own by hand or pay an artist who would charge you a ridiculous fee to draw a single letter?

Turbologo is the perfect solution. The platform was created with the needs of any business for unique and dynamic branding in mind. The user-friendly interface ensures that you are able to create a logo that evolves with your brand easily and for a fraction of the cost an artist would charge you.

The interface allows you to fully personalize your logo and offers tips on what your brand needs. While it is incredibly important to invest in your brand’s logo and subsequent identity, it is even more important to keep in mind that making a wise investment is even more important.


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