Website hosting: These are 5 important criteria

When choosing a website hosting there are many factors to consider as confirmed by Forbes.

Here are my top five considerations:

1 - Online chat system

In my view, having an online chat system is the most important consideration which separates the great website hosting companies from the crappy ones.

A great website hosting provider will try to make themselves available as easy as possible.

I will ignore any website hosting provider which relies on email.

Also, try to avoid web site hosting providers which purely use AI chatbots.

2 - Overall friendliness / Responsiveness

Try to pick website hosting companies that reply back to you in a friendly and helpful way.

Try to avoid website hosting companies that seem to be "bureaucratic" and unfriendly when you try to chat with them online.

3 - Telephone customer service

It is good to see website hosting companies that have local or preferably toll-free numbers.

But in my view, online chat is way more important.

That is because often such phone lines either have long waiting periods or set-hours.

Very few website hosting providers offer 24 hour service.  GoDaddy does.  But I wouldn't recommend their website hosting services.

GoDaddy has developed a great reputation for domain name registration but a poor one when it comes to website hosting services.

4 - Online reviews

It's always a good idea to check and read online reviews before confirming your website hosting decision.

Try to avoid companies that have universally bad reviews.

Your website hosting provider doesn't need to five-star but the reviews should at least be decent.

Avoid website hosting companies which have only a small handful of reviews.  Those review may look all excellent but those reviews might also have been from hired freelancers.

5 - Shared and dedicated hosting options

Try to pick a website hosting provide which offers a range of different hardware options which can also ensure that your site is securely backed-up without any hassle.

If you want to see which website hosting service that I pick, GO HERE.

Then watch the above video to guide you through the process.


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