Coronavirus: Ottawa Farmers Market goes too far with click and collect scheme

I have been looking forward to the re-opening of the Ottawa Farmers Market.

It has been a fabulous place in the Glebe to support local farmers; get great food and enjoy and overall fun environment where kids and dogs play alike.

I have supported the Market for years along with other Ottawa residents.

With that said, I'm quite outraged with this new "click and collect" system which has been implemented by the City of Ottawa.

Once again, we have another fine example of "technocrats" during this coronavirus pandemic seeking to create rules which are not essential to public health.

The "click and collect" system now requires patrons of the market to book a time slot to pick-up items before seeking to make a purchase online.

Are you serious?
  Like how long does it take anyone to pick up a prepaid loaf of bread; box of scones or basket of apples?

The Ottawa Farmers Market is not a sit down restaurant! 
And suppose someone even booked their time slot and prepaid and ran late because of the need to do something with their kids or walk the dog?

Do they now forfeit their food?

A fair approach would be to rely on the same approach that is being used by take-out restaurants, supermarkets and other food establishments and that is for everyone to wait their turn to get into the Market in a mutually respectful social distancing line-up in which some people may have prepaid and others who may prefer to pay cash can do so like the typical Market set-up and local supermarkets.

"Click and collect" is yet another example of how people can be jerked-around under the pretext of the pandemic.

Ottawa residents have waited a long time for the re-opening of the Market and we along with Market vendors ought not be to jerked around like this some more by the bureaucrats who dreamed-up this scheme.

If someone books their time slot and has the coronavirus they will still be in contact with whoever they buy from.

This "click and collect" scheme is a complete sham by a bureaucrat(s) who must have thought they were "so clever" but they were clearly not.

These technocrats are just dreaming up ways on how their can take away our freedoms and destroy simple pleasures that we as Ottawa residents have looked forward to.

We work hard in this city to pay our mortgages.

So technocrats please leave us to enjoy our Market without your arbitrary schemes designed to control people and not to support public health.


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