4 Steps to an Unforgettable Social Media Strategy for B2B Companies

Most of the brands that you see crushing the social network channels, probably the first 10-12 brands that you see belong to B2C category. In fact, it is rare that you hear about a certain IT company making it big on a social media or a cement manufacturing firm dominating Facebook. These are of course B2B companies that have a niche market and would probably do extremely well on LinkedIn rather than Twitter or even Instagram.

To an extent, it is true that B2B brands are more suited for LinkedIn than any other channel. Most of the B2B marketers that you would find - 90 percent of them would say that LinkedIn is an important research channel for them. Even if the rates for Instagram or Twitter are attractive enough, they would concentrate their efforts on LinkedIn.

Whether you prefer LinkedIn or not, here are a few steps that will help you create a great social media strategy for your B2B brand.

#1 Slick Up your Social Media Presence

The first step to create a great social media strategy is to have a spruced up social media presence. Make your page and your account presentable with updated posts on a regular frequency. Although, having accurate information and a great header picture is important for your page’s looks, these are not enough.

Your potential customers will feel uneasy if they look up your account and all they see is an old post from 2015 wishing them a Merry Christmas! Sounds shocking right? Make sure that you update your page regularly with professional posts that are well written and conversational in tone.

Time your posts to be appropriate with current industry trends and news stories. Whether you post about a new acquisition or company coming up with a new brand, there could be various instances where you can attract lot of reads and potential leads.

#2 Each Network is Different

If you have established presence on more than one social network, you can use each of them differently. But, this required dedicated effort and energy to approach each network according to maximally utilize its benefits. For instance, you can use LinkedIn to generate leads and make useful industry connections, whereas on YouTube you can share relevant videos based on your industry type. You cannot undermine the power of imagery on social media. If you are a manufacturer, latest pictures of your best products and new launches on a photo centric platform can be just right for you. With attractive rates for Instagram, you can easily set up your page and show off what you’ve got!

#3 Engage your Target Audience

Social media platforms are great to share new updates and news from your organization, but make it something more than simply a broadcasting platform.

Whether you are celebrating 15 years in business or you’ve recently won an award for your exceptional service, all these are great for sharing, but you must strive to engage with your followers and have meaningful conversations with them.

Post questions for your audience and try to answer their queries and questions that they might have for you. If you become a problem solver for your followers, this establishes you as a great authority in your business industry and field. It further reinforces the loyalty of your customers and they become your walking-talking advocates and advertisers. Positive word of mouth and written reviews will strengthen your brand’s position. It is also important to pay attention to what they are talking about on their own pages or when they are replying to any of your posts. Make sure you are responsive enough as these posts will help you create better content in future.

#4 Pay Attention to Data

All social networks can help you measure and analyse data. Use these analytics to check how your posts are doing, especially in your industry and your competition. There are certain tools as well which can be used for this purpose. Experiment with these and adjust accordingly to see what works best.

For instance, such tools help you in ascertaining that your insightful new blog post shared on LinkedIn and Facebook got surprising amount of shares on the former than the latter. Such tests help you figure out what type of content is working on which platform.


Creating great social media strategies cannot be measured in black or white. The customer view is constantly changing and businesses need to create well defined strategies which can be appositely analysed and improved upon. Invest time and effort in picking the right platforms to see which ones bring the maximum engagement.


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