Change national emblem says egomaniac Senator

The National Post has reported that a Canadian senator has called for "a national emblem makeover by replacing a vegetarian rodent that defends its territory with urine with the world's largest walking carnivore that thrives in the cold."

Referring to the beaver as a "dentally defective rat," Nicole Eaton called on Ottawa to replace the critter as the national emblem with the polar bear, an animal she hails as strong, majestic and brave.

"It is high time that the beaver step aside as a Canadian emblem or, at the least, share the honour with the stately polar bear," Ms. Eaton has been quoted to have recently said.

Seems like, now that the Conservatives have a majority in the House of Commons, and in the Senate, after the Prime Minister appointed his cronies, they think that they can re-make Canada in their own image.  There is no need to consult with Canadians, eh.  Democracy is such an inconvenience, according to the Harper Conservatives.

I have an even better idea for Senator Eaton, and her Conservative colleagues.  Why doesn't Senator Eaton instead urge Mr. Harper to change our national emblem to the even more "brave" U.S. Eagle.  Indeed, that would be an even better match for her, and the rest of the apparent traitors on Parliament Hill, that have been expediting the transforming of Canada into a U.S. colony under the pretext of "security".  But, isn't that what 9/11 was really about... a pretext to undermine human rights and sovereignty across out planet Earth?



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