Harper government blocks GMO Food Labelling

About 30 people, comprised of a few families and friends from an elementary school in Toronto, had gave their time and skills to this project with the goal of informing Canadians of the growing prevalence of GMO's in Canada. Bill C-474, which attempted to create a regulatory obstacle to the sale of GMO seeds, was voted down by the Conservatives on Feb 9 2011 but resulted, nonetheless, in the first substantial debate of GMO's in parliament to date. The debate is on Canada.

Greenpeace documents that Genetic engineering is the manipulation of genes to create new plants, animals and microorganisms. Multinational corporations have GE crops planted on millions of hectares of land — a giant genetic experiment with unpredictable and possibly irreversible risks.

GE food has been in grocery stores since 1996.  Potential health risks include the development of antibiotic resistance, allergic reactions, nutritional changes and the creation of toxins. GE crops also threaten plant diversity, essential for food security.

People have a right to know if their food is genetically modified, even if nobody can prove such modification causes health risks, University of Guelph professor Sylvain Charlebois said in Spring 2011.

It’s about transparency, the associate dean of management and economics at the U of G who is a frequent commentator on food policy, said.

“Any policy that would encourage the industry to be more transparent toward consumers is always good news,” he said. “I think it’s dearly needed.”


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