NDP presents buffoon opposition to Stephen Harper government

Is this what we, who have supported the NDP, have been waiting all these years to see in an Opposition Party on the Hill?

The signs of collusion among the NDP and the Stephen Harper government are apparent. This includes Peter Julian, who had once been an upfront critic of Security and Prosperity Partnership that is linked to the North American Union (NAU) agenda. While the Stephen Harper government continues the agenda started-off by the Paul Martin Liberal government back in 2005 to sell-off Canada to the NAU, it is apparent that the NDP so-called Opposition is being “mind controlled” to look the other way.

The NDP is not exposing the kinds of issues they should be exposing. That is to say, if the NDP had any integrity. Oh well, what can you expect from a party that is linked to today’s corrupt union politics.

The NDP is no longer “the party of Tommy Douglas”: Its apparent substantive prevailing orientation is to provide a token Opposition which does not “rock the boat”, which embraces “service-to-self”.

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