Harper government denies 74-year old widow military disability

I read this with tears in my eyes.  Our Veterans cannot get help with their DU contamination because the government states that none of them were affected by DU.  And now this. 

Peter MacKay can waste tax dollars for the military by swanning around in a helicopter but there is no help for Veterans and others injured by government decisions to allow this testing?  The justification for this 'decision' is nothing more than the government abandoning citizens.  If this woman had not put her husband in a long term care facility and he had set fire to the house or wandered off she would be blamed for these occurrences also.  We can't win when dealing with the thieves of our tax dollars.  This woman did what was best for her husband and now she is penalized for it. 

Is there no level to which our government can't sink?  The government absolves themselves of blame for contaminating innocent people that have paid taxes all their lives but come up with reasons why they should not be helped after the contamination?  God help us all.

If our government was as efficient at helping those Canadians they have promised to help as they are at 'explaining' why they won't help them, we would have a great country


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this is sickening to read tabloid style so called journalism , a third world style unjustifiable nonsense complains blog without any merit to linkage to prime minster or defense minister involvement. Thanks god we are living in a country that any one can sue, complain and write to any government agency or official, news paper, or TV station and complain about it, be it right or wrong ( this article is a sample of rubbished , garbage ideology of a uninformed writer assuming prime minster and defense minster are source of any maltreatment of citizen, without going through the normal channels and minsters must macro/micro manage whoever has a grievance and link it to something unrelated without any merit or relevance) the story of helicopter usage was build brought up by a bunch of leftists opposition who could not find anything more important but stick to some untrue, one sided journalism story telling for increase readers' rating where the real story has been said over and over that usage of helicopter was a government business and was not for personal use, but as usual the reasoning and proof were not published or if it did it was not as a head line as where the untrue story took center stage). You guys grow up and learn how to report properly and where to go for your exposing your complain. Stop bickering for nonsense unrelated, unproven, false and misleading reportage.

Viva Canada

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