Public enterprise: How to Leave Economic Crisis and Perpetuated War -- Part I


As humans, we participate in a modern “global” economy that is based on the following pillars: The first of these pillars to the “global economy” is our apparent willingness, as humans, to construe in our mind a benefit from the proceeds of corruption. The second pillar, is our willingness to alienate ourselves from the potential plight of others. The third pillar of this operating global economy consists of “a process of rationalization” which occurs, if we are confronted with the facts which are associated with pillars one and two. The fourth pillar is our willingness to relegate the design and control of the economic system to elites (who are popularly viewed as “leaders”) that pander the politics of fear, and then sell messages of false hope.

These “leaders” through the political fronts of the private enterprise system suggest that their way leads to “pots of gold” at the end of the “economic” rainbow. These “leaders” would like us to believe that we, as humans, just need to be more “patient”, and to ignore the destruction along the way that we witness and experience. As humans through the fourth pillar, we are to have “blind faith” that the ultimate objectives that elites are pursuing somehow, will bear constructive fruits, and are not part of a calculated path of destruction for nefarious objectives. Yet, the only pot of the end of the rainbow that we ought to rationally expect, if we appreciate the previous three pillars is ‘empty‘. A system borne from a corrupt and unethical context spawns the results which are consistent with the dysfunctional nature of that system.

These are the four pillars of the so-called “global economy” which private enterprise corporations like Walmart, McDonalds, Starbucks, Coca Cola and other Big Business entities rely on to be successful, and to become “bigger monsters“ in our societies. As humans, our willingness to passively accept these four pillars has in turn spawned an economy which is designed to serve elites at the expense of communities and also whole societies. Indeed, the prevailing economic crisis is the result of elites consisting of private owners of capital and their bought-off political apparatchiks parasitizing our human creative energies. This parasitization includes the proceeds of taxation.

Private enterprise parasitization includes leaching taxation proceeds from human economic activities which could be used for social services, education, healthcare systems; and research and development into clean energy technologies. Instead, trillions of dollars globally have been consumed by such “projects” as “wars of expansion” based upon falsified pretexts which include the Iraq War. Such “projects” have manipulated human efforts, so as to create anti-democratic results which do not support the well-being of all the humans who contributed their time and creative energies, and who would have sought a constructive use of public funds.

Private enterprise does not affirm democracy. When you think of private enterprise, picture a puppy who mis-behaves by nipping at the pants, and acting hyperactively otherwise. That may seem cute, until that puppy grows up to be an aggressive German Sheppard or Pit Bull which begins to bite your foot, and then begins to sink its teeth in your legs, while totally wrecking havoc on the rest of your furniture and your best glassware, along with your house plants.

When private enterprise “grows up“, its owners and shareholders see no limit to their efforts to enrich themselves, in any manner which destroys the lives of others. Private enterprise lacks grounding in any sense of ethics and “fair play” and now mutates into a system which has compromised all integrity in what government has the responsibility to execute for the humans that put it in place.

So-called “public-private partnerships” is a prime example of the mutating of private enterprise into a fascist totalitarian system. In this system, humans are envisioned as “capital” to be exploited, alongside other parts of our vital Earth, as little more than “resources” for exploitation.

If we seek to affirm democracy, we must recognize that private enterprise along with its capitalist system, is not democracy. If we seek to affirm a constitutional political democracy, it is vital that we strive for a rejuvenated economic system which complements a democracy that seeks to serve everyone, and which supports human rights, social justice and ecological custodianship of Mother Earth.

In Canada, in an era before the corrupting plunder of “Free Trade” it was former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Tudeau who encapsulated this ideal of an economic democracy when he made the following statement in 1968, in front of a packed Liberal Party Leadership Convention.

He said: “For me this beautiful, rich, and energetic country of ours can become a model for the Just Society in which every citizen will enjoy his/her fundamental rights.. And people of many cultures will live in harmony… C’est ça le Canada.”

Our prevailing private enterprise system drives people against each other, in pursuit in social mobility, in an economic pyramid. The elites in this system maintain their power through oppression in order to avoid being overtaken by rival interests that seek more pyramid power.

The inevitable result of private enterprise as the dominant form of a “world society” is wars which are the manifestations of attempts by elites to secure power against perceived rival groups that are seen as having “competing resources”.

We as humans, could achieve so much more, if we replaced the predatory survival of the fittest jungle we are NOW creating, with a civilized economic context which reflects our inherent spiritual interconnectedness with each other (as beings of empathy, peace, and love for each other). Wouldn’t such a society be a much different place? Picture, for example, food manufacturers producing food for you (to meet qualitative survival rather than the insatiable pursuit of commercial profit), with the same care that they would seek to introduce to food that they sought to make for members of their own family. That is to say, foods that are healthy and that taste great, rather than the often transfatty processed food we often experience. Such “food” is designed for commercial profit of elites, and not to protect the health of the people who ultimately buy the food to eat.

At this point, you might enquire, what is the ‘public enterprise’ all about, and a constructive alternative to greed-driven “private enterprise”? Public-centred enterprise essentially pivots co-extensively on a people and environment as the first ethic, and where the achievement of sustainable commercial profit. In a public enterprise context, the achieve of such a sustainable context of profits does not sacrifice the quality of goods and services they develop because they are not pressured to the meet the insatiable psychopathic greed of shareholders and owners of capital.

In a public enterprise system, businesses thrive from their ability to creatively serve the demands of their communities for excellence in produced goods and services. For example, if a business makes $100,000 in profit, in a public enterprise context, there would be no pressure from shareholders to make even more profit the next quarter. Businesses as communities of human beings working on entrepreneurial activities can then re-invest their profit into worker-oriented programmes, day care facilities, language training, or into producing better products, or whatever they want, without having to satisfy the greed of the few, which include stock market speculators.

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