Harper disrespects Canada's Military and Aerospace Heritage

As the Stephen Harper government proclaimed his professed support for Canada's military, the Canadian Air and Space Museum was being handed a notice of eviction by its landlords -- the Crown Corporation Parc Downsview Park. The locks were immediately changed on 20 September 2011, and the Museum was essentially closed with no notice. The building, which has been recognized as a Federal Heritage Building since May 14th 1992, is planned to be demolished and replaced with a four pad arena.  This is a Museum which showcases Avro Arrow.

The Canadian Air & Space Museum is a non-profit organization that has been proud to host and showcase Canada's rich aviation history. It is not government funded and credits its creation and upkeep to hundreds of volunteers and thousands of volunteer hours. In addition to opening its doors to visitors, tours and special events, the Museum is part of the Toronto Board of Education's Grade 6 science and Grade 10 history curriculums -- hosting thousands of students each year.

The building at 65 Carl Hall Road, along with the artifacts it currently holds, needs to be protected. This petition asks that the building be granted a long-term reprieve and the protection of the Federal Government and that the Museum be granted the opportunity to continue its work in preserving the memory of Canada's place in aviation and aerospace history.


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Should this continue and this Heritage site along with the Museum be lost it would be absolutely Appalling to all Canadians past and present. Without this critical place continued in the education of our citizens what future do we bring to the next generations.
History is the lessons of the past and the knowledge given to make a better future. I have a special reverence to Aeronautical history from the Great Wars to Canada in Space as should all Canadians have the these places to learn from. This is not the Canada that so many have paid the ultimate price to protect and serve. I am thoroughly disgusted with the fact that it has happened against all our democratic laws. Stop this Madness please. What's next the National War Museum cause it costs too much money when it was paid for in full with Canadian Soldiers lives...
Yes my family served and sacrificed for all to be free and learn from history's follies ans achievements

Lance Shaw
Wpg, Mb
Private retired 402 Winnipeg Air Squadron

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