Defend Your Canada: Ethics, Democracy and the Rule of Law

Does majority government empower elites to pursue dictatorial powers, or are majority governments obliged in a constitutonal democracy to respect the rule of law. This includes basic parliamentary procedures?  From the Harper government's commitment to the supporting of U.S. inspired military ambitions abroad against the wishes of the majority of Canadians to Bill C-18, to the "Border Pact", does it seems to you that "rule by secretive arrangements" is replacing the 'rule of law'?

What do you think?  Send us a proposed Op Ed on anything going on in your community which breaches standards of 'constitutional government' which you think Canadians ought to know about.  We also welcome well-written proposed submissions prepared and sent to us by our international readers. 

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My fellow Canadians, this is our Canada.  My fellow humans beings, this is our planet Earth.  Isn't it time we wake-up to the sell-out of human and national sovereignty in Canada, and abroad? 

Isn't just "Globalization" which elites like to use, simply another name for the "New World Order" that will operate as a Globalized Dictatorship?


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