Robocall: Canadians want Conservatives impeached -- And You?

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Do you think that the Conservative Party should voluntarily submit itself to a judicial enquiry that can consider whether there is grounds for impeachment?

The Stephen Harper government campaigned on a platform of “integrity in government”. Should the Conservative Party do the ‘honourable thing’, and re-ask Canadians for a mandate to govern, in light of their fundamental breach of public trust,

Hundreds recently gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and marched to Victory Square Park to protest the robocall voter fraud scandal perpetrated by the Harper government in the last election. There were a wide range of speakers that included MPs and spokesmen for several community groups, MPs from the Liberal and Green parties, local poets and members of Leadnow.

A national day of action is being planned for March 11 to continue to put pressure on the Harper government. Many citizens and community organizers said they want to see Prime Minister Harper impeached. Over 30,000 complaints have been filed to date with Elections Canada.

“This is a building of the coalition, we’ve seen several political groups, civil society groups come together today, and we need to continue putting pressure on Conservative MP’s who are in office due to election fraud. We want to see a general election or see them step down from office,” said Sarah Beuhler, a co-organizer of the robocall protest.

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