PM Paints New Pipelines Green

VANCOUVER - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's pledge to use pipelines to go greener raised a resounding 'WTF?" from environmentalists today. 

About 150 gathered outside the Globe Leadership Summit to decry the PM's hedging on environmental promises, especially his comment that new pipeline revenue will be used to finance a transition to sustainable energy sources. For his part, Trudeau continued to make vague statements on carbon, those new pipelines and that "greener future."

The protest was organized  by the Grassroots Climate Convergence in response to "Prime Minister Trudeau urging people to 'take an active part in' ensuring the success of the Paris Climate Agreement and  "a bold climate strategy that creates just jobs, respects the rights of indigenous people, and tackles the climate crisis head on."

The organizers symbolically delivered a petition signed by 14,740 Canadians and a scroll with handwritten letters with demands from local communities.

“We are here to demand climate justice from Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna, to implement a swift and just transition to a low-carbon economy, and to respect the rights of indigenous people.” said community organizer Mary Lovell. “If this government is going to meet commitments like a 1.5 C climate limit, they have to take swift concrete action in and keep known fossil fuel reserves in the ground.”

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