Greedy Canadian Lawyers Sabotage Rule of Law

Everywhere in Canada and other parts of the world, governments have been preaching about the rule of law and the fact that every individual should be treated equally before the law. However, there is a practice in Canada where money has become a very decisive factor in one’s quest to achieve some form of justice. Some greedy Canadian lawyers have cultivated the habit of charging very exorbitant fees in order to represent an individual in court.

Currently, the least amount being charged by these greedy lawyers is $250/hr which is a very sad development. This simply means that for those who cannot afford such fees, there is no need to seek for justice even when your rights have been abused. Such exorbitant fees charged by these lawyers have made it very difficult for those low-income Canadians to access quality legal representation.

One thing that some people have been using in defence of the rule of law actually existing regardless of the fees being charged by these greedy lawyers is that there are legal sources like Law Help Ontario. These are legal associations which were formed mainly to give legal assistance to the less privileged in the society but their performance have made them to be regarded as a symbolic association rather than in substance. Lawyers in these associations are simply concerned about just ‘putting in time’ rather than preparing well for a particular case. This has therefore led to a lot of people not achieving the justice that they went in search of.

If such legal associations can become as credible as they need to be, then the best thing is to model them like Canada’s Universal Healthcare system so that the services of these lawyers can be accessed by all and sundry regardless of one’s financial strengths. This is the only way through which the constitutional and civil rights of each and every Canadian citizen can be guaranteed otherwise a lot of people within the low-income zone will continue to have their rights trampled upon with impunity by the rich.


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