Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum: Patient Complains About a Lack of Patient Care

“During my last visit to this doctor, I feel that he rushed things up. I thought the doctor would have discussed about the treatment with me a little bit longer but he did not. My meeting with him only did not even last for about 5 minutes before I went out of his office. I thought also he would have showed interest but he did not. I wouldn’t recommend this doctor to anyone.” This is the exact words of one of the numerous disgruntled patients who have had the unpleasant experience of having met Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum in their quest for medical solutions to their problems.

The care and concern alone that a medical practitioner shows to his or her patients helps in relieving the sick person to some extent. This is therefore something that majority of professionally trained and well mannered doctors do in the course of rendering their services to patients. However, it is very sad to note that Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum really has no room to harbour such care and concern for his patients. This is one of many reports that have been left by patients after encountering this doctor and it all goes to show how he is bent on single-handedly destroying the reputable image that has been carved by other hardworking doctors.

To encounter a human who lacks sympathy for his or her fellow humans is something strange and so when such behaviour is being exhibited by a person who has sworn to put the emotional and physical needs of others above everything else then there is real fire on the mountain. This is why Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum’s attitude to each and every one of his patients simply defies logic and it is high time something drastic is done about the situation before his actions and in-actions lead to the loss of human life.


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