Toronto: Holiday Inn Housekeepers Steal Cell Phone and Revenue Canada Documents

When a guest decided to do a late check out at Holiday Inn's flagship hotel at 30 Carlton Street he had no idea that he would become a victim of theft. By the time the guest came back, Holiday Inn housekeepers had taken everything with the exception of a sweat bottom. Only a handful of items were recovered like a toothbrush, dish detergent and vinegar. These items were even recovered the next day.

Surprisingly, Holiday Inn refused to refund the guest for his stay and only wanted to replace the mangoes that were stolen. The guest remains without his cell phone and is concerned that the Revenue Canada letters could be used for an identity theft ring against guests staying at the hotel - So if you become a victim of theft at Toronto's main downtown Holiday Inn expect that management will compensate you for much more than the commercial value of a mango.

Places that serve as lodgings for people who find themselves stranded away from home are always expected to serve as a ‘home away from home’ for all people. However, the experience that this guest had at the Holiday Inn sets a very bad precedence. Lodgers will now be a bit cautious about checking in to any Inn or hotel to lodge for either the night or a limited period. If things such as cell phones, apples and toothpaste can be stolen by housekeepers at the Holiday Inn, then it remains to be seen what else they will be willing and prepared to rid you of if you are a person who likes to travel with a lot of worthy items.

The provision of a comfortable and a well secured living environment for each and every client who checks in is a major factor that encourages more people to trust these hotel service providers as being very professional in the work that they do. However, when these same housekeepers who are expected to be very professional tend to steal the belongings of customers including things like cell phones and toothpaste, then something is seriously wrong somewhere.

With the numerous Canadian hotel service providers doing their utmost best to ensure that each and every client who gets to stay at their place is provided with the best services, it comes as a shock to find out others like Holiday Inn only seek to destroy such good reputation. There are even hotels that go through everything humanly possible to ensure that whatever a customer left at their place is safely returned to him or her within the shortest possible time but this is clearly not a quality that can be associated with the housekeepers at the Holiday Inn in Toronto. They have been able to prove to the world that they simply do not have any sense of decency when it comes to the issue of safeguarding items left by their customers. The behaviour put up by the housekeepers of Holiday Inn shows that perhaps they would even have taken the sweat pant bottom that was left inside the room had they seen it?

At a time when identity theft cases are on the rise, it comes as a very rude awakening to all and sundry to ensure that they employ the best safety measures whenever they are about to check in at the Holiday Inn. Making a list of all the items that you checked in with will be a great way to stay safe from getting your belongings stolen by housekeepers. Caution should never be thrown to the wind when you decide to stay at the Holiday Inn for no one knows what would be stolen from you.

Toronto Police Services seems to be somewhat lazy in investigating such crimes.  So, if you stuff gets stolen in Toronto, you may not be able to rely on police assistance.  Toronto Police Services didn't even want to bother to investigate the housekeepers who has "cleaned" the room.


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