Abdirahman Abdi's Murder: Ottawa Police Ought to Be Sued

The police department is one institution that has always been regarded as the ‘Peace Keepers’ of our societies. It is for this reason that almost everyone runs to them the moment they feel that their rights are being trampled on by others. With this in mind, it comes as a stab in the back when the activities of certain police personnel within the Ottawa Police Department throws the trust people had in the police out to the dogs.

A recent incident which involved the death of Abdirahman Abdi at the hands of some cops would have been treated differently by these cops if they knew that all their actions would be thoroughly investigated by the Special Investigations Unit. However, with the prior knowledge they had that the SIU would simply sweep the case under the carpet, these cops were able to treat Abdi in a manner that directly or indirectly led to his death. Abdirahman Abdi, a 37-year old man was killed in cold blood by some personnel from the Police Department without any provocation. The sad incident of Abdi has rather thrown more light on the activities of certain dirty elements within the Police Force who are simply out there to just ruin the good reputation that has been built through years of hard work by the entire police force.

A lot of individuals have all had unpleasant experiences at the hands of these “Dirty Cops” within the Ottawa Police Department with some being racially profiled and intimidated. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when they turned a blind eye to the inhumane treatment that an elderly woman was being subjected to by her husband and daughter. How can a professionally trained police officer be this callous to an elderly woman? What did they stand to benefit in turning a blind eye to the plight of this helpless old woman? These are some of the many questions that go unanswered as one tries to come to terms with the unethical conduct of some personnel of the Ottawa Police Department.

With the passing of each and every single day, more and more people are becoming victims of these “Dirty Cops” as they are subjected to all kinds of intimidations. However bad such experiences are, it can be seen as a necessary evil. This is simply due to the fact that more and more people are now filing their grievances with the Ottawa Small Claims Court which in turn will send a very strong signal to the Government of Ontario and the Premier of Ontario to have these cops investigated. These bad elements within the Police Force should no longer be allowed to destroy the image of the entire police service with their unethical conducts and activities. This is the time for the concerned authorities to take a firm stand and clamp down on all the activities of all dirty cops within the Police Department in order to ensure that people can once again see the police as their friend and not an enemy.


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